50 Things To Keep Busy With While In Lockdown

Helloooooo strangers! I know, I know, I’ve been so slack on the old blog, but I’m back and have a few idea’s for content over the next four weeks. Here in NZ we’re in lockdown/self-isolation for the next month, which means no work for this girl. We are currently day 3 of the 28-day lockdown, and I woke up this morning and thought “I should blog again!” So to begin this 4-week journey, I’ve compiled a list of things that you can do to keep busy and get productive!

  1. Clean out your wardrobe
  2. Clean your house
  3. Go through and tidy your junk drawer/cupboard
  4. Water your plants
  5. Try a new workout – my faves are HIIT, body weight, yoga & Zumba classes online
  6. Go for a walk (if your country allows)
  7. Catch up on laundry & ironing (mundane I know, but you’ll feel SO good once it’s done)
  8. Light some candles & have a bath
  9. Adult paint-by-numbers
  10. Blog!
  11. Clean up your computer/hard drives
  12. Learn a language
  13. Catch up on TV shows
  14. Watch a new movie
  15. Have a social media detox
  16. Dance to music
  17. Do a face mask
  18. Clean your car, inside & out
  19. Do some gardening
  20. Get creative – try some drawing, painting, macrame, tik tok
  21. Make a new dish
  22. Bake
  23. Experiment with new smoothie ingredients
  24. Change your bedding
  25. Jigsaw puzzle
  26. Clean out your fridge & pantry
  27. Paint your nails
  28. Make home-made hand-sanitizer
  29. Board games with your family, or online games (Jack Box) with friends
  30. Adult colouring books
  31. Online shopping
  32. Journal
  33. Clean garbage bins (this is gross, but very necessary)
  34. Teach your pet new tricks
  35. Play with new makeup techniques & looks
  36. Scrapbook or photo album
  37. Video games – I’ve been obsessed with Animal Crossing on the Switch!
  38. Rearrange your furniture
  39. Read
  40. Call a friend or family member
  41. Update your resume
  42. Delete outdated emails
  43. Clean out your phone – go through old photos & files delete the ones you don’t need, delete apps you don’t use, go through your music library
  44. Write a list of local restaurants & business you want to support once all this self-isolation is over
  45. Backup your phone once it’s cleaned up
  46. Pinterest – got a holiday or party coming up? Pin It for ideas!
  47. Organise your paper clutter
  48. Declutter your handbag & wallet
  49. Write reviews on your favourite restaurants Google & Facebook
  50. Organise your calendar for the next month!! We will come out of this and it’ll be great to have some ideas on what to do when we can finally leave the house!!

Keep safe!

Courtney xo

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