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My 8 Summer (Random) Favourites

My blog is gonna get weird soon, especially with these "Seasonal Favourites" I've been doing every 3 months. That's because I'm moving to New Zealand, and their seasons are opposite. Which means that right now I'm doing my summer favourites in Canada, then when I move my next post will be Spring favourites, then we'll… Continue reading My 8 Summer (Random) Favourites


My Go-To Post Workout Smoothie

I’ve just come out of an intense 60 minute cardio/leg workout and I’m feeling shaky, sick and weak. So it’s important to refuel your muscles (and get those gains) to prevent those pesky low blood sugar levels. Wondering what on earth you should after a workout?! Well I though I’d share one of my favourite… Continue reading My Go-To Post Workout Smoothie

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Healthy, Paleo Grocery Haul & Meal Plan

I have tried Keto before and my body literally shut down after the first two days. But since then I've wanted to try the Paleo diet, as I still want to eat fruit and other things you can't on Keto. If you don't know what the Paleo diet is, think of it as the "Caveman… Continue reading Healthy, Paleo Grocery Haul & Meal Plan