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Clue… into your time-of-month

There's nothing worse than getting your period when you're least expecting it, especially if you're taking the pill... Am I right ladies?!? I came across this app and instantly fell in love with the easiness, informational and .... of it all. Yes, I'm talking about Clue, and if you're unfamiliar with it then you've come… Continue reading Clue… into your time-of-month

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4 Books That I’m Dying To Read Next

I am half way through reading Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman, and am already thinking about what I should read next. So I've curated a list in my daily journal of books that I come across, and I wanted to share 5 of the books with you! When Breath Becomes Air by… Continue reading 4 Books That I’m Dying To Read Next

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My 5 Winter Favourites

This season's 5 favourites are super random, but I'm not going to lie about what I've been loving this cold season (and I mean cold! C'mon Canada, give me some sun already!!) Since I haven't been wearing makeup (*spoiler*) I don't have any beauty favourites! I'll keep that in mind for my spring favourites though,… Continue reading My 5 Winter Favourites

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5 Things I Have Adopted Into My Morning Routine

While I was working full-time, I would only allow myself just enough time to do my makeup, my hair, get dressed, and eat breakfast, AFTER snoozing for an hour. There was such a strict time on when I should do everything, I was constantly looking at the clock before finally leaving for work. Right now… Continue reading 5 Things I Have Adopted Into My Morning Routine