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Where I’ve Been & What’s Been Happening

It's been a while... and I'm so sorry about that. BUT I thought now is a better time than ever to come back and get writing again! Let me bring you up to speed on what's been happening in the last 5 months... We moved to New Zealand. Yes, we actually did it. My Canadian visa didn't… Continue reading Where I’ve Been & What’s Been Happening

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What Moving Countries Has Taught Me

If you don't know already, myself and my boyfriend Cree, are moving to New Zealand, after me living in Canada for the past 4 years. (You can read the full story here). So I thought I'd offer a little help to you, if you're also planning on moving oversea's for good. Obviously, everyone's situations are… Continue reading What Moving Countries Has Taught Me

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My 5 Winter Favourites

This season's 5 favourites are super random, but I'm not going to lie about what I've been loving this cold season (and I mean cold! C'mon Canada, give me some sun already!!) Since I haven't been wearing makeup (*spoiler*) I don't have any beauty favourites! I'll keep that in mind for my spring favourites though,… Continue reading My 5 Winter Favourites

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My Favourite Winter Bath & Body Works Candles

I know I've been a little lack on the uploads this month, but life has been a little bit crazy! With Decemeber already being busy, then on top of that my car broke down and I've been working on getting my visa renewal, I've not really had time to just sit down and type. But… Continue reading My Favourite Winter Bath & Body Works Candles

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Weekend Away | The Blue Mountains

After working hard all year, Cree and I decided to treat ourselves to a mini getaway. We went to Blue Mountains in Collingwood, where we went snowshoeing, drunk coffee, and ate lots of food. It's was exactly what we needed and I wanted to share some photos! xxx Love always, Courtney xxx