My Summer Night Skin Care Routine

At the beginning of summer, my skin was really acting up - large pores, blackheads, oiliness, acne - things that happen to me, but not typically at this time of year. Then I realised that I was still using products I was using when it was Winter and my skin was probably being over exfoliated… Continue reading My Summer Night Skin Care Routine

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My 8 Summer (Random) Favourites

My blog is gonna get weird soon, especially with these "Seasonal Favourites" I've been doing every 3 months. That's because I'm moving to New Zealand, and their seasons are opposite. Which means that right now I'm doing my summer favourites in Canada, then when I move my next post will be Spring favourites, then we'll… Continue reading My 8 Summer (Random) Favourites

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In-Flight Skincare & Makeup Essentials

Any flight over 5 hours long, I will never wear makeup on and there's a few reasons why: My skin gets quite dry on an airplane so I like to let it breathe I feel constricted and uncomfortable wearing makeup while on an airplane. I think it's because my face gets dry, and I just… Continue reading In-Flight Skincare & Makeup Essentials