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In-Flight Skincare & Makeup Essentials

Any flight over 5 hours long, I will never wear makeup on and there's a few reasons why: My skin gets quite dry on an airplane so I like to let it breathe I feel constricted and uncomfortable wearing makeup while on an airplane. I think it's because my face gets dry, and I just… Continue reading In-Flight Skincare & Makeup Essentials

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How I Cleared Up A Sudden Outbreak of Pimples

All of April, May and now into June I've had problems with my skin. I've noticed that my skin has been an oil slick, which I think has made my pores larger than usual, and more pimples than usual. I've always suffered from oily-combination skin, large pores and a couple small pimples around my time-of-moth,… Continue reading How I Cleared Up A Sudden Outbreak of Pimples

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Kiwi Cookies are the Best Cookies!

I was cleaning out my kitchen cupboards the other day, and found my Mum's New Zealand Edmond's cookbook, which has the best baking recipes ever. I suddenly wanted to bake scones (which you can find if you click here) and melting moments... yes, they do taste as good as they sound! So I thought I'd share the… Continue reading Kiwi Cookies are the Best Cookies!