My Newest (& Favourite) Beauty Find

I have tried multiple different BB Creams in the past few years, and all of them had at least one thing I didn't like about them. Whether it be they didn't have SPF, or they made my oily skin even oilier, or the colour match wasn't great (because BB & CC creams only have a… Continue reading My Newest (& Favourite) Beauty Find


My Tips to a Quick Makeup Look

Hands up if you agree that there is nothing worse than sleeping through your alarm, and you realize you have to be out the door in 15 minutes! Obviously you still need something on your face otherwise you'll look like you should still be in bed. I put together some little tips and tricks I've… Continue reading My Tips to a Quick Makeup Look

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How I Cleared Up A Sudden Outbreak of Pimples

All of April, May and now into June I've had problems with my skin. I've noticed that my skin has been an oil slick, which I think has made my pores larger than usual, and more pimples than usual. I've always suffered from oily-combination skin, large pores and a couple small pimples around my time-of-moth,… Continue reading How I Cleared Up A Sudden Outbreak of Pimples