Pixie Glow Tonic | Review

Since winter, I've been using a physical exfoliator 1 to 2 times per week, but it just doesn't seem to be working as well in the summer months. So I thought I'd finally cave and try out the Pixie Glow Tonic, which is more of a chemical exfoliator. I'm not one to splurge on a… Continue reading Pixie Glow Tonic | Review

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In-Flight Skincare & Makeup Essentials

Any flight over 5 hours long, I will never wear makeup on and there's a few reasons why: My skin gets quite dry on an airplane so I like to let it breathe I feel constricted and uncomfortable wearing makeup while on an airplane. I think it's because my face gets dry, and I just… Continue reading In-Flight Skincare & Makeup Essentials

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Travelling When It’s “Your Time Of Month” & How To Make It Easier

About a month ago, I booked our flights to NZ and then looked at my Clue app and noticed I’m supposed to get my period the day we fly out!!! So obviously if you can avoid it, I definitely would recommend it, but if you can’t I’ve put together a few tips for travelling while… Continue reading Travelling When It’s “Your Time Of Month” & How To Make It Easier


Which Garnier Micellar Water Is Best?

I am obsessed with Garnier's Micellar Water for removing my makeup before cleansing with a facial wash at night, and in the morning to just cleanse my face really quick. But now they have four different ones and I've tried 3 of them, so I thought I'd share my experience with each one! For reference,… Continue reading Which Garnier Micellar Water Is Best?