My Wardrobe Declutter Tips

Recently I’ve been staring at my wardrobe trying to figure out what I’m bringing with me to New Zealand and what I’ll be leaving behind (I only have one suitcase to work with!) So I feel as though I’ve become quite good at deciphering which items of clothing and accessories I want to keep and which I’m happy to say goodbye to. I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks that have helped me purge my wardrobe!

1 | Take everything out. From your wardrobe and dresser. I mean everything.

2 | Go through every item of clothing and ask yourself this one important question: If I saw this in the shops now, would I buy it? Asking yourself this simple question, rules out all those that aren’t in good shape, that you haven’t worn in the past year, the ones that don’t fit well, and anything that doesn’t make you feel good. If you answer yes to it, hang it up straight away.

3| Get 3 trash bags and sort out which items you wants to:
– Trash – anything stained, ripped or doesn’t have it’s matching pair just throw it out. No one will have any use for this stuff.
– Donate – This will most likely be the largest pile and full of things you no longer wear but is still in great condition. Since you don’t use it, let someone have it instead.
– Sell – This pile is for those things that maybe cost a lot and you’re a bit more hesitant on leaving behind but now you should. However, be prepared that you wont sell everything and will have to donate the things that don’t sell.


Once you’ve got your wardrobe to a state you like, you can slowly start introducing new pieces, because lets face it, WE LOVE SHOPPING! But I wanted to share some extra tips to help you not overspend on things that’ll just be purged again in a year.

1 | Only buy things you love. Spend your money on pieces that fit amazing and make you feel good and confident.

2 | Try everything on. Obviously this is impossible if you’re shopping online, but the same goes. As soon as it arrives, try it on and if it doesn’t make you feel good send it straight back. ASOS is really good at free returns and shipping labels so you’re not losing any money.

3 | Replace items. For example, everyone needs a plain white t-shirt, so when you buy a new one, get rid of the old one.

4 | Spend a little extra on staple pieces. I highly recommend spending a little extra on a good winter jacket, and a good pair of black jeans that fit extremely well. This way they last longer in your wardrobe and you won’t be shopping for more in 2 years time.

Remember all these tips and tricks apply to your underwear drawer, shoe rack and jewelry stand!

Let me know what tips you’ve learnt on decluttering your wardrobe!

Courtney xo

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