3 Summer Hairstyles for Shorter Hair

I cut my hair AGAIN!! I don’t know what it is about cutting my hair off that makes me feel more energized and refreshed, but I think pulling cute hairstyles off makes it fun! So I thought I’d share my 3 favourite go-to hairstyles now that I’ve gone short again 🙂

Straight | I feel like I straighten my hair a lot more when it’s shorter. Probably because it takes me half the time but also that (I think anyway) it makes my face look slimmer, and who doesn’t want that?! For this style I spritz my hair with the Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer spray. I love this one because it protects up to 450ºF and is only like $6 from the drugstore! If I’m feeling like a slick style I’ll add some oil, otherwise I just go straight into straightening with my trust old NuMe Silhouette Hair Straightener. I still section my hair in 3 layers so I can probably get all strands of hair straightened. Then once my full head is done I spray some hairspray – at the moment I’ve been loving the Aussie Mega Hairspray. This hairstyle is so quick and easy and will stay straight until I wash it in two days!


Curly pinned back | This is one of my FAVOURITE hairstyles ever. I’ve been wearing this since high school. I love it because I love to wear my hair down and curly but hate when my hair is in my face. So firstly I of course spritz my hair with heat protectant, then section my hair into 3 layers again. Starting with the first layer I use my Remington Pearl Curling Want (1/2-1 inch) and curl the hair closest to my face AWAY from the face, then I just alternate each section. I repeat this all the way around my head on each layer until I’m left with a head full of curls. Once they’ve cooled down, I’ll run my fingers through trying to separate the curls a little before spraying them with hairspray. I take the bits of hair that I’d usually tuck behind my ears, and bobby pin them back just a little further back than my ears. Not only is this hairstyle easy peasy but it looks so cute and it’s super manageable.


Half-up bun | This one takes a little more effort and fidgeting but I do love it from time to time. Since I have thinner hair, I usually only do this style if my hair is curled, and a day or two old for super staying power. So once my hair is curled I separate the top half of hair from the bottom. Then I start off with a ponytail but on my last pull-through, I stop halfway to create a little bun. I love the messy look of this hairstyle, and you get to play around with cute hair ties as well – I love the ones from Ponytail Mail! Some days (usually the bad hair days) this wont work no matter what you do, and on those days I’ll usually just give up on the bun and just do a half-up pony! Again spray with hairspray and you’re good to go!

Please excuse my Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day shirt hahaha

Let me know what you’re favourite hairstyles for shorter hair are, or just your favourite go-to styles for the summer!

Courtney xo

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