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My Tips on How to Freshen Up in an Airport

I have been on a few long-haul flights now, and it’s only a matter of time before I feel like I need a shower, a good-nights sleep and a hairdresser. Unfortunately, airplanes and *most* airports don’t provide these things, so I’ve put together a little tips & tricks list to get you from A-B without looking drab by the end of it.

Now I do have a pre-flight ritual before I even step into the airport that I think I should mention:

  • I shower and wash my hair either the night before (if it’s an early morning flight) or the morning of, 
  • I wait for my hair to dry and pop it into french braids,
  • I don’t wear makeup prior to or during long-haul flights – I just like to focus on my skincare the morning of the flight.

Alright, it’s been 20 hours since you’ve seen the showers so let’s freshen up a bit:

  1. I will almost always hit the bathroom first. While I’m in the cubicle, I will do my business, I will freshen up with baby wipes, change my underwear, socks and my top (don’t forget to bring a small plastic bag to put your dirty clothes into.) Then I will go out and park my stuff in front of a mirror. I will apply a fresh dose of deodorant, cleanse my face, moisturise, brush my teeth and sometimes redo my hairstyle if it’s looking a bit dull (my go-to hairstyle is either french braids, ponytail or bun).
  2. Once I’m done in the bathroom, I will hit up duty free. Although they’re notorious for cheap alcohol, jewellery and perfume, you will always find free samples of something. I like to make my way to the perfume section and have a little spritz, and then head to the skincare section and find some hand lotion to apply too 🙂
  3. If I have more time to kill and I’m hungry (because lets face it, airplane food is not the greatest) I will grab a little something to eat and drink. Usually I’ll grab subway, and then grab a coffee before I get on the plane.

Keep in mind, some layovers are a lot shorter than others and you might not have time to do all of these things. If this is the case, freshen up on the airplane!

Depending on the flight schedule and my plans for when I land, I will typically put on some BB cream, powder, eyebrows and mascara on the plane. Again, it’s an easy way to kill 15 minutes on the boring flight, and it’ll make you feel a little more put together for when you land.

Courtney xo

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