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How To Treat Yourself Without Spending A Lot of Money

The other day I found myself just laying on the couch not wanting to socialise or do anything. It’s not often I have those sorts of days, but I found myself doing the following things and I definitely went to bed feeling better than how I woke up and spent my day. I thought there’s no better day than a Friday to post the things that I do to treat myself without spending a lot of money.

Pamper night | I feel like this is a no-brainer but it’s my go-to after a shitty week, a cold weekend or when I’m having a bad mental health day. I will always have a warm shower (or bath in the winter), wash my hair, use all my favourite face products, use my favourite body moisturisers, get into comfies, put on a good movie and paint my nails. Obviously you do what makes you feel good and will put you in a better headspace, and you’ll feel a million bucks in no time.

Fresh sheets | Often I will do this the same night as my pamper session. There’s literally nothing better than getting into fresh sheets after washing your hair and shaving your legs!! A new duvet cover works a treat too if you’re wanting to spend a little money for a change in your bedroom too 🙂

Read a new book | I’ve had a new book sitting on my shelf for the past 2 months, just staring at me every day wondering when I’ll pick it up. I jumped into my fresh sheets, turned on my lamp, lit a candle and starting reading. If you’re not an avid book reader, a new movie or TV show that’s been on your to-watch list is a winner too!

Don’t feel guilty | There’s so many times during one day that I don’t feel like I’m doing enough or that I shouldn’t feel the way I’m feeling, but on a bad day we can’t be thinking these thoughts. You just need to focus on feeling better so that tomorrow you wake up feeling yourself again!

What are your favourite ways of spoiling yourself?

Courtney xo

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