16 Last Minute Things To Do This Summer

August is already here, and it’s honestly going to be autumn in no time at all! So without a long intro, I’ve put together a little “bucket list” of things to do before the leaves start to fall!

  1. Have a big BBQ with family and friends
  2. Visit local farmers markets and try some new recipes
  3. Spend an afternoon under a tree with a good book
  4. Get some fresh flowers to liven up your space
  5. Go fruit picking
  6. Stargaze with friends
  7. Eat as much sushi as you possibly can
  8. Play mini-golf
  9. Make some home-made iced tea or lemonade
  10. Go to a drive-in movie theatre
  11. Spend a Saturday morning at yard sales
  12. Go for a day trip to a new city
  13. Spend the afternoon at a beach
  14. Make home-made popsicles with fresh fruit
  15. Go to a new cafe for brunch
  16. Go shopping for either summer clearance items, or update your autumnal wardrobe (or just do both!)

Whats on your list of things to do for the next month or so ahead?

Courtney xo

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