5 Habits I Want To Be Doing By 2019

We are over halfway through 2018, and there are still things that I want to work on before the new year rolls around. Usually I will wait for January 1st before I start new goals, but I find once I’ve hit July 1st, it’s a brand new start to the next 6 months. So here are the 5 things I will be trying to make habits out of for the rest of the year!

  1. Reading before bed. This was something I was doing for the last half of 2017, and my sleeps were so much better. So I definitely want to put my phone away an hour before bed and read instead.
  2. Be healthier. I want to be eating better & exercising a lot more before this year is over. I’ve noticed my body changing a bit and I want to change it.
  3. Improve my posture. My posture is getting bad! It needs to be a priority of mine every day to improve it, not only for my confidence but for my old-person body in the future.
  4. Journal everyday. I want to set my One Question A Day on my beside table again and make it a priority every night before bed.
  5. Have a planner. Once I move to New Zealand, I am going to be busy all the time – with work, with family and with friends. Plus I just want a pretty planner for my handbag lol.

Let me know what habits you want to work on before 2018 is up.

Courtney xo


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