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In-Flight Skincare & Makeup Essentials

Any flight over 5 hours long, I will never wear makeup on and there’s a few reasons why:

  1. My skin gets quite dry on an airplane so I like to let it breathe
  2. I feel constricted and uncomfortable wearing makeup while on an airplane. I think it’s because my face gets dry, and I just can’t get comfortable in my seat knowing I have makeup I could smudge or get over my clothes.
  3. It’s too much hassle for me when I know it’d be coming off in a few hours anyway.

And for these reasons, I will more focus on my skincare the morning of my flight than dealing with makeup. I usually like to wake up, have a shower, cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise. I will then pack all my essentials that I like to have on the plane into my carry-on bag.

TIP: Remember you can only bring liquids with you that are under 100mL and are in a clear zip-lock bag. I will always get little dollar-store travel jars and put any products over 100mL into these.

My top skincare picks:

  • Micellar water – this helps me refresh and rehydrate my skin without the messes of an actual face cleanser. All you need is a little bottle of micellar water and a few cotton pads and you’re good to go. It’s so easy to do this from your seat as well, no need to line up for 20 minutes to get into the toilet!
  • Moisuriser – if you bring anything onto the plane, it should be moisturiser, and preferably your favourite one. Your face will be so dry and tight feeling that no matter where you are, you will always have a little tub on hand.

My top makeup picks:

  • BB Cream – whether you’re like me and you just want a little something for when you land, or if you’re someone that always feels more confident with a little bit of coverage, I highly recommend BB cream over any foundation. It’s so much healthier for your skin, and such a lighter formulation that your skin wont feel clogged.
  • Powder – to set the BB cream base
  • Eyebrow product – I usually just take a pencil that has a spoolie on the other end. It’s quick and easy to whip on before landing.
  • Mascara – my makeup is NOT complete without some mascara


Don’t forget a little compact mirror so you can do your skincare and makeup routine from the comfort of your seat while watching a movie 😉

I don’t feel like I need to say this, but I will – you can bring more makeup than this or you don’t have to bring any at all! You don’t have to be wearing makeup when you land, or you can wear makeup the entire flight! I just wanted to share with you what I choose to bring on flight with me 🙂 

Hope this helps you travel bugs with what you should bring in your makeup bag!

Courtney xo

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