The 3 Top TV Shows I’ve Been Loving Recently

All three TV shows I’ve been loving recently are three COMPLETELY different series, so I thought I’d share what I’ve been loving lately and give you a little rundown on each show!

Love Island | The British version (I will most like binge the Aussie one once this season is done) is soooo good this year! It’s about a villa where girls and guys are put in looking for love. Each week there is a re-coupling and usually the least favourite couple is dumped from the island. It’s voiceover is absolutely hilarious and the TV show itself is just great. It gives good drama, a bit of romance and all things good-looking 😉 Jack & Dani for the win!

Wentworth | If you haven’t heard of Wentworth, where you been the past 6 years!? It’s such a good Aussie drama about an all-woman’s prison. It really focus’ on what life in prison would be like (unlike Orange is the New Black which really sugarcoats it in comparison) regarding bashings, drugs, prisoner-officer relationships. I can’t really say too much about it without giving spoilers, so I’ll just leave you with watch it and I’m totally jealous if you have 6 years of it to binge!

Atlanta | This is such an odd comedy with a weird storyline (especially in Season 2, like wth is going on?!?) but I have been really enjoying it. It’s a Donald Glover produced series that focuses on an upcoming rap artist and his manager trying to make it big in Atlanta. It focuses on all things American-culture based, like shootings, guns, drugs, parties, racism, etc, with a light-hearted comedic spin on it. There’s only two seasons out right now, and I LOVED the first season… second season I wasn’t so sure on, but I couldn’t stop watching it so I guess that says something!

Let me know some of your favourite TV shows lately because I’m always looking for something new to watch!

Courtney xx

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