Tips to Beat Jet-Lag

Jet-lag – you annoying little pest!! There is nothing worse than spending your whole holiday sleeping and just feeling tired because you’ve travelled through 5 different time zones. I am a sleep-oholic, and need at least 7-9 hours a night to feel refreshed and energized. However, as someone who has travelled her whole life, I think I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to jet lag. Although I might be an odd case, because I don’t usually feel my jet lag until 1-2 weeks after I’ve landed, in which case I’m either travelling back home, or I’m back at work and have to deal with it. So I thought I’d put together a little cheat-sheet of things I find super helpful for all you travel bugs!!

Set your clock to your destinations time | As soon as you sit in your seat, you should set your clocks and watch to your destinations time. This way you sleep when you should be according to wherever you’re travelling too. I have trouble sleeping on the plane, but a travel pillow, and watching a boring movie or listening to a meditation app really helps my brain to switch off. Now that you’re asleep, don’t expect you’re going to sleep 8 hours straight (awesome if you do!!) But reality is food will probably come around, or someone will knock you when walking past, or someone will kick your chair, and now you’re wide awake. As long as you try to sleep within the hours that you should, it’s just like having a bad nights sleep lol.

Also, don’t overthink jet lag. Your body will recuperate when you get back home. Your body is a wonderful thing and will let you walk around sightseeing for 8 hours even if it doesn’t want to.

Do your nightly routine on the plane | Obviously, you can’t take a bath, but if you get into your PJ’s, brush your teeth, and do a facemask at home then don’t be afraid to do it on the plane as well. This will help tell your body it’s time for some rest and hopefully help it relax.

Spend your days at your destination like you normally would | If you don’t typically take a nap at home at 3pm, then don’t do it on holiday. Even if your body is begging for it. These little pesky power naps are going to turn into 3 hours and then you’re going to be up all night and you’ll never get over the jet lag. However, if you do find yourself awake at 2am and you’re starting to panic because you’re not sleeping, stay calm. I can’t stress this enough. You’re not going to fall back asleep if you’re stressing because it’s still dark outside and you have to be up in 4 hours to get on that tour bus. Relax, pop on a relaxing podcast, and just close your eyes. Soon enough you’ll be waking up to that alarm ready to tackle the day.

Get up, walk & hydrate | Being confined to one space for a long period of time is hard on your body, which will put stress on it and you won’t be able to sleep as well. So it’s so important to get up every few hours (at least) and walk around. People will not mind if you walk up one aisle and down the other to stretch your legs. Along with this, make sure you are keeping hydrated – I hate to even mention it because it’s so obvious, but when you’ve been watching 3 movies in a row, you tend to forget about water.

Please share your jet-lag tips and tricks too in the comments below. You know I always love to hear from you!!

Courtney xo

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