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Travelling When It’s “Your Time Of Month” & How To Make It Easier

About a month ago, I booked our flights to NZ and then looked at my Clue app and noticed I’m supposed to get my period the day we fly out!!! So obviously if you can avoid it, I definitely would recommend it, but if you can’t I’ve put together a few tips for travelling while on your period.

  1. Buy baby wipes to freshen up down there when showers aren’t readily available, or when the toilet paper hasn’t been restocked (THE WORST THING ON A PLANE). I pack these anyway because they’re great for rubbing on your skin and underarms too for a little refreshment.
  2. Smartphones tend to update with the time-zones so be sure to set your clock to a set time or have a watch. This way you can keep a proper track on when you last changed. You don’t want to accidentally fall asleep and have not changed in 10 hours because your clock was set back.
  3. I’d also set up an alarm (vibration only) for the next change, just incase you lose track of time. You don’t want any leakages!
  4. Get up and walk around if you need to. If you’re really uncomfortable after sitting for 5 hours, get up and stretch your legs & back.
  5. Take a heat pack if you need to. I personally don’t use them, but if you do I’m sure they’re allowed on board (maybe just not the water ones.) I’m sure the flight attendants won’t mind if you borrow their microwave for 2 minutes every few hours.
  6. Take as much time in the bathroom as you need to. I’m one to rush because I hate people waiting on me in any situation. But when it comes to my time of month, people can wait for me to sort out my stuff lol.
  7. Dress comfortably. Wear joggers, your comfy undies, t-shirt and an oversized sweater. No one cares what you look like and the last thing you want is tight fitted clothing when you’ve got stomach cramps.
  8. My top tip would be to pack lots of everything! This goes for tampons, pads, wet wipes and underwear!! You don’t want to be stuck 12 km up in the air without the necessities.


Let me know what other tips you have for us travelling girls!! I’m flying out September 4th and a little worried about travelling on my period.

Courtney xo

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