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50 Things to Declutter From Your Home, Right Now

In February, I sold *almost* everything we owned in our apartment in preparation for moving out and moving countries. We owned a lot of things that we NEVER used which just sat around in cupboards or on a bookshelf or in the bathroom cupboard that just wasn’t needed. I was actually disgusted at how much we actually owned. So, I learnt very quickly through this selling process about downsizing, and how to become a person who will only buy things she absolutely needs or loves that will bring value to life. You don’t have to sell your whole apartment to start fresh, so I have put together a list of things that I had that I found weren’t useful to me.

When you’re planning on decluttering, don’t forget to use the keep-donate-sell-trash method!!


  1. Mismatched socks
  2. Items that have holes or are old – bras, underwear, t-shirts, jeans, shoes, etc.
  3. Clothes and shoes that no longer fit or you don’t wear
  4. Jewelry you never wear
  5. Jewelry that is broken
  6. Old wallets and handbags
  7. Blankets/sheets/duvets you don’t use
  8. Old pillows that aren’t on your bed


  1. Old makeup brushes
  2. Expired makeup
  3. Extra moisturisers you never use
  4. Old hair brushes and hair ties
  5. Dried up nail polish
  6. Old towels that aren’t soft
  7. Expired medications
  8. Hairdryer’s/straighteners/curlers that no longer work


  1. Expired condiments
  2. Expired herbs & spices
  3. Donate canned food you won’t be eating
  4. Extra kitchen utensils you never use
  5. Throw out food you don’t eat
  6. Appliances you don’t use (e.g. we had a toaster oven we never used and it just sat on our bench taking up space)
  7. Extra dishes you don’t need
  8. Chipped/stained mugs
  9. Tupperware without lids
  10. Cookware you have multiple of
  11. Cookbooks you don’t use


  1. DVD’s you never watch
  2. Games you never play
  3. Cords you never use
  4. Old phones (TIP: sometimes you can get some extra $$$ for recycling them at a phone shop)
  5. Old magazines
  6. Books that you won’t be reading
  7. Old cushions & throws that aren’t on your couch


  1. Expired receipts/old paper documents you no longer need (TIP: buy an accordion folder for all your important documents/passports/etc., and put them into their own sections.)
  2. Dead batteries
  3. Old textbooks (TIP: see if you can sell them back to your school or online)
  4. Broken Christmas decorations
  5. Old Halloween costumes you won’t be wearing again
  6. Junk mail and catalogs
  7. Expired coupons
  8. Old invitations
  9. CD’s you don’t listen to
  10. Old calendars and planners
  11. Concert tickets, or any other ticket
  12. Old bills (that have been paid)
  13. Loyalty cards for stores you don’t shop at
  14. Rusty tools
  15. Unloved nicknacks
  16. Extra furniture items you don’t use anymore (tables, chairs, lamps)


Happy decluttering!!!
Courtney xo

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