My Worst Beauty Habit

The beauty industry really only focuses on glam, which yes is great but we all can’t be perfect, and for us normal gals (and guys!) we all have things about ourselves we dislike. Whether it be how we look, how we act or what we do, we all have insecurities and I’m not going to pretend that I don’t, because I DO. So I thought I’d share my worst beauty habit with you (no it’s not sleeping with my makeup on lol) which coincides with another issue I struggle with – anxiety.

The problem | In stressful or anxious situations, I find myself biting the skin around my nails and pushing underneath my nails until they bleed. It sounds awful because it is. You can literally see the red underneath the whites of my nails. For 2-3 days after, it causes me pain and it doesn’t look good either. I especially hate it if I’ve just painted my nails, because they get all chipped. Since I hate having chipped nails, I then have to use nail polish remover, which stings like a b**** in my fresh cuts under my nails.

The solution | If I find myself starting to play with my nails, I try to distract my hands. Whether it be getting up and going to the bathroom or reading a book, or cooking, or cleaning the house – anything to keep my hands from causing harm to themselves. If I do end up hurting myself, I’ll  always remove my nail polish, then pamper my hands to a good cleaning, then apply some nice hand cream and apply a good nail hardener.

This doesn’t happen often, which is good. Usually if I’m in an uncomfortable situation with someone, or I feel anxious and stressed out, then I’ll do it. It’s not something that happens on a daily basis. But still, I’ve been trying to overcome it by distraction.

If you struggle with nervous biting or fidgeting, please let me know what you do to try and keep it under control!

Courtney xo

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