8 Goals I Want to Achieve For The Rest of 2018

Someone please tell me how it’s already July?!?! I never understand how these months just fly by, and it’s always the second half of the year that seems to be the fastest. Especially now that we’re moving to New Zealand in September, it’s going to be at super speed. So like always, I’m doing a goals for the rest of the year, to hopefully keep me on track!

1 | Read a book. I have been sooo lazy reading this year so far, and I don’t know why because I’ve had a book sitting on my shelf for the past two months now. I should get a lot of reading done in the airports and on the plane though, so I think this goal should be achieved quite easily!

2 | Keep eating no added sugar. The past few weeks I’ve been trying really hard to not add sugar to anything, or buy anything with added sugar. I’ve been feeling great in doing so, so I really want to keep it up!

3 | Move to New Zealand as easily as possible. Now that Cree has been approved for his work visa, we are moving to New Zealand in September. Obviously it’s a huge move because we’re essentially hitting reset on our lives. We’ll need to open up bank accounts, find new jobs and save up for paying off debts and buying a car. I really want all these things to be as stress-free as possible, so it’s my mission to do just that!!

4 | Declutter a little bit more. I spent the whole of February and March decluttering our apartment and selling everything that I could (we ended up doing quite well with it actually!!) but there are still a few things – mainly in my wardrobe and bathroom and few knick-knacks – that I need to be brutal with so I can fit it in our luggage. So from now until the end of August I’ll be working on everything we have left and figuring out what’s coming with us, and what can be left behind.

5 | Enjoy the summer. This might seem so obvious but it can be hard when you’re waiting on something for so long. I am unemployed (because I can’t legally work in Canada) so my days are spent wondering what to do. I really want to make it my mission in the next few months to keep busy and my mind distracted. Whether it be blogging more, going for a walk, read, bake, I need to keep busy and have some fun! I am so excited for summer in New Zealand though – so many hiking tracks, new places to see and Cree will experience his FIRST summer Christmas!!

6 | Feel more confident in my own skin. This comes down to emotionally and physically. I always feel better about myself when I exercise, and I’d love to get a handle on my social anxiety a little bit more before the end of 2018. So I plan to get back to exercising multiple times a week and putting myself in more social settings.

7 | Review my budget. When I get a new job, I really want to get back into hard budgetting. You can view how I budget in this post!

8 | Only buy things that I absolutely love or absolutely need. A girl has got to shop once in a while, and I want to make it a habit that I only buy things I love and that fit well and that I’ll actually wear. Decluttering my wardrobe has really had an impact on how much I’ve spent on things I don’t wear.

Let me know if you have any pressing goals you want to achieve before this year is done!

Love always,
Courtney xo

2 thoughts on “8 Goals I Want to Achieve For The Rest of 2018”

  1. Your goals are so realistic and relatable, I also need to read a book, I’ve been saying I will but I never do. I need to declutter too hey😄. I hope all goes well with your move to New Zealand, that’s pretty exciting, don’t let anything stress you 🌼

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