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How To Move Countries with 2 Suitcases

GUYS!! WE ARE OFFICIALLY MOVING TO NEW ZEALAND!!! We have been approved for work visa’s and we have booked our flights!! So there are going to be quite a few different travel/moving blog posts soon and I hope you enjoy them! Firstly, I wanted to tell you how we’re packing up and moving away with only 2 suitcases each. Obviously you can take as many suitcases as you want but you have to pay premium for it, and because we’re young and don’t have much money right now, we’re really trying to cut our costs where we can.

1 | Keep, donate & throw away your wardrobe. This one goes without saying, and you might need to be brutal with some stuff. There are quite a few different quizzes like this one on Pinterest if you need help deciding with some of your items. This also goes for throwing out old bra’s, mismatched socks, old tights that are bally, etc. You only want to bring the stuff you absolutely need and want in your new destination.

2 | Pack items that have sentimental value first. If this might be your “forever” destination, you might want to bring back some stuff with you rather than putting it in storage. If you have a book from your childhood that you want to keep for your kids, pack it. If you have your first ever toy, keep it. Personally if I felt something while holding it, I packed it.

3 | Buy some vacuum bags. These are amazing! Great for big winter jackets, duvet covers, clothes, toys, etc. They suck all the air out leaving so much more room than you ever would have imagined.

4 | Don’t bring things that you can buy when you land. Things like tupperware, pillows and sheets are all things you can buy when you get settled in. So I wouldn’t bother bringing them. Plus they take up too much room, when you could be taking your favourite pair of shoes instead! (ya girl has priorities haha)

5 | Have a MASSIVE bathroom declutter. There’s no need  to bring 3 bottles of moisturiser or 2 hairdryers or old makeup brushes you’ve had stored away for months. Honestly, I will only be bringing medications and 1 bottle of everything we might need right away (like small shampoo and conditioner, face wash, bandaids, straightener, etc). Space is space in your luggage so you gotta be brutal with these sorts of things.

6 | Pack in your carry on too. I usually bring my makeup essentials, another whole outfit, some disinfectant wipes, deodorant, moisturiser, medications, chargers, cameras, etc on the plane with me (I’ll be doing a whole post on this). And I’m usually wearing joggers, a t-shirt, a sweater, socks and running shoes. This not only saves some room in your checked luggage but lets you have essentials on hand for a 27 hour flight and lets you wear all your comfies too!

We are sooooo excited and can’t wait for this next adventure together!

Courtney xo

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