My Newest (& Favourite) Beauty Find

I have tried multiple different BB Creams in the past few years, and all of them had at least one thing I didn’t like about them. Whether it be they didn’t have SPF, or they made my oily skin even oilier, or the colour match wasn’t great (because BB & CC creams only have a few colours in the ranges), there’s always been something I haven’t liked. But ladies, I think I have finally found one I LOVE!!

For some reason, this spring/summer my skin has been super oily and shiny. So I was on the look out for something light that would still provide moisture, a bit of colour correction, and hopefully control my oil throughout the day. Through a lot of reviews and research online, I decided to try out the Garnier BB Cream 5-in-1 Miracle Skin Perfector Combination to Oily. Thank god I did decide to buy this and try it because I absolutely love it!!

Now I do want to point out that they only have two shades in this BB Cream – light/medium and medium/dark, which sucks if you’re really light skinned (I can’t talk on behalf of the darker colour). Luckily for me it’s a perfect skin tone match for the summer. If you’re any lighter than me, it’ll be too dark. The formula is definitely a light coverage, however it’s enough that it covers redness and the appearance of pores. Personally, this competes with light-coverage foundations from the drugstore that I’ve tried (actually I might even like this BB Cream more!!)

On the packaging, it claims to even skin tone, hydrate, mattify, minimize the look of pores, and brighten. So I thought I would go through each of these claims and let you know how I find it performs on my oily skin.


Evens skin tone | 9/10
When I applied this for the first time, I was amazed at the coverage this BB cream has. Obviously it’s not thick (actually the formula is quite runny) but it covers the redness on my cheeks, covers most spots I have and covers really well under my eyes (note that I don’t have dark bags.)

Hydrating | 9/10
Because I have oily skin, moisturising in the morning just seems to make me more oilier during the day. So I’m still experimenting on how I like my base to be before applying this product. I have tried moisturising before applying the BB cream, and it made me look the most greasy, so that has been ruled out and noted that the BB cream definitely has a moisturising ingredient in it. I think I most like to use this as a tinted moisturiser and apply a little more to the areas that need more coverage.

Mattifying | 8/10
Although it hasn’t completely mattified my skin, it has for sure helped with oil control. I have tried mattifying foundations, which just make my skin look cakey because they’re such a heavy formula, and I’ve tried normal foundations which obviously do NOTHING for oily skin, so it ends up just rubbing of my t-zone. I definitely feel like it could have longer mattifying staying power, but for the price and everything else it does for the skin, I can’t complain one bit!! I still love how much it manages to control the oil.

Minimizing look of pores | 8/10
It definitely does this, however I think it’s because of it’s formula that’s designed to even out the skin tone. I can still see my pores under this BB cream, but it without a doubt covers them pretty well, and I have quite large pores on my cheeks at the moment. I would say the mattifying foundations I’ve tried have done a better job at covering pores, but again look so cakey on the cheeks and around the nose. I also like that the ingredients in BB creams are somewhat better for your skin than a foundation, which is always a plus if you have larger pores.

Brightening | 7/10
I personally have not noticed any brightening effects of this BB Cream, except for my oil trying to come through. I definitely would say it might be brightening if you’re more on the medium skin tone spectrum, but the light/medium colour is a perfect match for my skin in the summer. However in saying that it doesn’t brighten my skin, I do still wear it most days as it’s basically a “my skin but better” formula and it makes me feel and look a lot healthier and awake.

So all in all, I love this BB cream. It provides moisture, colour, and SPF 15, all while mattifying my complexion. I’m very happy with the price also – I paid $17.99 and you get 60mL of product which in my opinion is a great deal! Remember these reviews, opinions and ratings are based on a personal experience with the BB cream. If you are intrigued by the product, I would definitely recommend trying it if you have a similar skin type to me 🙂

Let me know what products you swear by for combo to oily skin!

Courtney xx

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