6 Things I’m Most Excited For In The Next 6 Months

Unlike the past six months, the next six months is going to be one wild ride. Myself and Cree are (hopefully) going to be moving back to New Zealand in August/September, which means starting our lives fresh and getting back on track working hard toward our future together.

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  1. Seeing all my family and friends again after almost 2 years. All my family lives in New Zealand, and all my friends live in Australia (which I’m hoping we can get there early 2019 for a holiday.) Cree will finally be meeting all my family and friends too, which is exciting for me at least lol.
  2. New place to live means new places to explore. I can’t wait to go on roadtrips around the South Island with Cree and seeing all the touristy sights and eating all the good food.
  3. I’ve now been unemployed for 5 months, and I’m soooo excited and ready to start a new job.
  4. Besides moving to Northern Ontario for the summer of 2015, we’ve never really been on a vacation together. So I can’t wait to be able to finally get on a plane with Cree, and going on more vacations together once we’re settled down in Christchurch.
  5. Ever since January 2018, our lives have kind of halted. I’ve had to stop working, we’ve had to move out of our own apartment and move in with Cree’s Mum, I’m no longer on the car insurance, Cree is back at his high school job – just everything to be able to save some extra money while we’re surviving off one small income. So being able to get working again and working toward a future for us really really excites me!!
  6. Not being stressed. Every year I’ve been living in Canada there’s always been a moment of stress while I wait for my work visa to be renewed. And now that it wasn’t this year, we’re waiting for Cree’s application from New Zealand to be approved. There has just always been a period of stress each year for the past 4 years and I just can’t wait to lie down and breathe.

Let me know what your life is doing in the next six months!

Love, Courtney

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