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How I Cleared Up A Sudden Outbreak of Pimples

All of April, May and now into June I’ve had problems with my skin. I’ve noticed that my skin has been an oil slick, which I think has made my pores larger than usual, and more pimples than usual. I’ve always suffered from oily-combination skin, large pores and a couple small pimples around my time-of-moth, but lately it’s like they’ve all been on steroids. After buying a charcoal face wash and it not helping at all, I finally decided to look up the reasons as to why this might be happening.

I first decided to look up what causes sudden pimple outbreaks. Now you’ll get a billion results for this, so I more looked into what mine could be from. I know I don’t drink enough water and my diet hasn’t been the greatest lately either, so those both combined are probably the main reasons why.

As you can see from the (gross) photo of me, my pimples are in-between my eyebrows, on my cheekbones and on my chin. I also have uneven skin texture and redness, so I decided to do a face-map and see if I could get some answers.


  • Pimples between your eyebrows is due eating too much fatty foods (aka fast food) which I’ve been doing a lot lately. So they obviously suggest to eat healthier and drink more water.
  • Outbreaks on your cheeks could be due to allergies, which I did not know!! Here in Canada we are in prime allergy season, so that could be all it is. It can also be a symptom of excess sugar intake, which again could be from my inability of eating healthily recently.
  • Pimples on your chin are typically due to hormone changes. The week before I’m due for my period, I always get a few pimples, so this is normal for me and I’m not too worried about these ones because I can’t do anything about it!
  • I’ve always had larger pores and blackheads on my cheeks, which can either be due to dryness (which isn’t me because I have super oily skin) or indicate a congested liver, which again comes back to poor diet and low water intake.
  • They also say that pimples that show up out of nowhere can also be a factor of stress, which I can totally relate to right now. Ever since January my life has been turned upside down.

I also read that washing your face TOO often can strip your natural oils and this causes your skin to overproduce. I’ve been washing my face at night in the shower and exfoliating 3-4 times a week, which is too much!!!

What have I taken away from this and what am I going to do?
I am first going to start off by not wearing makeup on days where I’m just lazing around at home to give my skin some fresh air. I’m also going to cut down on my exfoliation time. I’m going to start exfoliating just once a week and see if that helps, keeping cleansing and moisturiser just at night, and micellar water in the morning.

I’m going to work on my diet and water intake more as well. I’m usually a pretty healthy person when it comes to what I eat, however the past few months have been tough and I’ve just opted for fast food rather than going grocery shopping and cooking for myself. I’m also going to try and start exercising more regularly too.

If none of this works, I am going to try a new face cleanser and maybe buy new face makeup too.

Please let me know what you’ve done that has helped with breakouts. I haven’t had this bad of skin since I was 15, so it really is out of the ordinary for me.

Lots of love,
Courtney xxx

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