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Declutter Your Digital Life This Spring

Since I have COMPLETELY decluttered my entire life (because we’re moving countries and literally only bringing our clothes and a few knick-knacks in our suitcases), I decided it was time to spruce up my digital life too! If you’re like me, then having a clear workspace means having a clearer mind, and there’s nothing better!

Unfollow social media accounts that don’t make you happy. This includes people on instagram who don’t bring joy to your life, and those pages on Facebook you liked back in ’07 that just post crap now.

Go through all your junk emails and delete them. I often use http://www.unroll.me to mass unsubscribe from those pesky emails I’m automatically signed up for. I do this probably once a month or whenever I feel like my junk box is getting out of hand.

Organise your desktop icons into folders to keep it clean and manageable. I do this anyway, I literally have 5 things on my desktop, and 4 of those are folders. It’s just so much easier to find things and logging onto a clean desktop means you can have a cute wallpaper!

Go through your downloads folder and organise/delete as necessary. Whether is documents, things to print, or photos, organise them into folders to keep your downloads folder nice and manageable.

Back up your phone. I love to do this every 6-12 months, depending on what’s on my phone. I love to have all my photos somewhere else (usually it’s an external hard-drive), and at the same time, I’ll delete multiples or photos I just don’t need. Same goes for contacts, I’ll back these up (because there’s nothing worse when it’s time to upgrade your phone and you’re contacts weren’t transferred!) and delete people I don’t talk to anymore.

Delete apps you don’t use. There’s no need to still have Candy Crush installed if you haven’t played it in the past 3 years! And if you do decide that you want to play it again, thanks to Google Play you’ll continue where you left off!

I’m sometimes so extra, I’ll even reorganise my Pinterest boards! lol that’s how much I love decluttering and organising.

I’m hoping at least one of these gives you inspiration to clear your digital life a little, and if you have any other recommendations, please share it! 🙂

Love, Courtney

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