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The 12 Beauty Tips I Swear By

There is all kinds of beauty advice and tips & tricks on the internet these days that sometimes you wonder if some really do work. I am constantly coming across new advice on Pinterest and different blogs, and obviously understanding that some advice just isn’t going to work for me and my skin type. I thought I’d share those that do work for me, and that have saved my beauty life a little bit.

  1. Regularly clean your pillow cases. I hate to say it because I hate to think about it, but all that oil, residue and bacteria in your bedding grosses me out, which is why I wash my bed sheets once a week.
  2. Always use a moisturiser for your skin type, morning and night. I have combination-oily skin, so some days I even wonder why I’m moisturising when I know I’m just going to be oily again. But it’s sooo important, no matter what your skin type is to be moisturising with the right moisuturiser. For example, I use a mattifying moisturiser because of my oily skin.
  3. Touch your face as little as possible. You touch things all day long, so why would you want to be transferring bacteria and germs onto your face? This will just cause oiliness, acne and clogged pores.
  4. Don’t rub your hair dry with your towel. Instead squeeze your hair then wrap it up in a towel while you moisturise, get dressed and do your makeup.
  5. Air-dry your hair as often as possible. I hardly ever use a hairdryer because I shower in the evenings. If you have time to let your hair air-dry I would highly recommend it. It’ll save your hair from split ends and dryness.
  6. Set your lipstick with powder through a tissue, and then reapply another layer of lipstick. Sounds weird but it works a treat. I went to a party a couple of years ago, and someone asked me what lipstick I was wearing because I hadn’t touched it up for hours and it still looked banging.
  7. Use bronzer as your eyeshadow and contour. If you’re in a rush, or going away and want to take only a few products, use your bronzer as a triple threat!
  8. Put eye drops in your dried-up mascara. I tried this one recently and it was a lifesaver! Also use eye drops on a regular basis if you find that they’re dry, red and/or teary!
  9. Shave your legs with conditioner. I’ve been doing this for years and it’s such a girly hack that I love. I have never brought shaving cream, and I was too afraid to use my dads when I was a teenager, so Mum suggested conditioner and I’ve been doing it ever since.
  10. Remove your makeup before cleansing. This might seem obvious, but it’s only been the past few years I’ve been using micellar water to take off my makeup. Before that, I’d just cleanse my face. This allows the cleanser to actually do it’s job, rather than just cleanse the top layer (which would be your makeup).
  11. Find your “my lips but better” lip colour for an everyday wear. A little bit more colour will bring life to your face and give a small illusion of bigger lips.
  12. Don’t be afraid to have makeup-free days. It’s so important for your skin to breathe, so let it!

What are some beauty tips you swear by? I’d love to know them in the comments below!

Love, Courtney

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1 thought on “The 12 Beauty Tips I Swear By”

  1. Love those tips! I use bronzer as my eyeshadow and countour for a few months now, and I totally love it! And going to try the eye drop and mascara thing, my favorite is drying out! xx


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