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Bubble Bath DIY

Taking a bath is so relaxing for the mind and body. But adding bubbles makes it just that little bit more special (plus candles and your favourite book!) But what if you haven’t made a trip to Lush? Well fear not ladies.. I’m here to help!

All you’ll need to do is mix together:
1/2 cup of liquid body soap
1 tablespoon of honey or oil
1 egg white
Few drops of your favourite essential oil (optional of course)

Run your little concoction under the running water and jump in! The body soap provides the cleanliness element, the honey has anti-bacterial properties, the egg white provides the bubbles, and the essential oils help make it smell delicious and, depending on which oil you choose, will also provide your skin with some nourishment. There are soo many different bubble bath recipes out there for different skin types, but I hope this gets you started on your journey to bubblicious baths!

Now go and cosy up in your bathrobe, and keep on the pampering!

Love, Courtney

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