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Clue… into your time-of-month

There’s nothing worse than getting your period when you’re least expecting it, especially if you’re taking the pill… Am I right ladies?!? I came across this app and instantly fell in love with the easiness, informational and …. of it all. Yes, I’m talking about Clue, and if you’re unfamiliar with it then you’ve come across the right blog post!

***This post is not sponsored by Clue, I purely just want to let my other female friends know of this awesome app!! 🙂 Also, all my opinions are my own, and I own the free app, so I can not speak for how awesome the premium membership is.

In September I started using this app, and I loved it because it calculates your cycle months in advance and it tracks your period, pill, cravings, pain, skin & hair conditions, stools (which I’m gonna go real TMI about this in a minute…), energy, emotions, sleep patterns, fluids, bleeding, and sooo many more! The ladies and gents at Clue have included an encyclopedia of why you should track all these different things, and what it means to have something that you might think is unordinary. For example, why should you track exercise? Because it releases hormones of course!! They’ve recently launched a website too, which has articles and all the period information you’ll ever need. So I can basically guarantee that you’ll find all your monthly questions on their app or website, either through the Clue Encyclopedia or through an article.


Remember me earlier saying I’d get TMI about my stools? Yeah I’m about to get reeeaaal lol. The main reason I got this app in the first place was to track how often I went to the bathroom for #2’s. I have always been a pooper of about 2x a week, but there was an instance I hadn’t gone for 2 weeks, and yes you could say the struggle was real. So I really needed to find a way of tracking how often I went, so I could do something about it sooner (rather than later). Because of this, I haven’t been constipated in 7 months, YAY!

Tracking other things such as moods, emotions, cravings and pain have also been a game changer for me. For example, I always get a sore lower back and cramps the weekend before my period starts on the Tuesday. So this allows me to gain insight into when I  should be expecting my period. I’m also a huge savoury tooth girl, but when it comes to my time of month I crave all things sweet. So tracking these sorts of things have really given me an insight into how my body performs and reacts to menstruation.


Not only does this app allow you to input data, but it calculates this data and gives you alerts on when it’s predicted your next period will be, your estimated PMS week, when ovulation is beginning, and when you’re most fertile. All of these things are really handy if you’re not on the pill, and/or if you’re trying for a baby. Because if you’re a visual person like moi, you’ll love to look at your month ahead and plan!


I really hope this has given you some insight into how helpful this app is. Like I said earlier, this post is no way sponsored or endorsed by Clue, I just wanted to share this awesome app with you!!!

Happy belated International Women’s Day to all my beautiful ladies out there. Hope you all had a lovely day xxxx

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