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Accessories I Reach for Everyday

I went through most of 2017 without wearing any jewelry because I’m all of a sudden allergic to cheap earrings… *sigh*. But after getting a couple bits from my birthday and Christmas I’m back at it again with the jewelry wearing. Now I don’t wear a ton of stuff every day, aka I hate wearing bracelets/bangles because my wrists are tiny!, but I do wear a handful of things most days.

I got these gorgeous Pandora Rose earrings from Cree at Christmas time and I’ve hardly taken them off.  I haven’t worn earrings in a couple of years because I’m suddenly allergic to cheap ones, and have never thought about buying myself a pair of nice ones. So I adore this pair, I mean you can’t really go wrong with Pandora anyway?!


This is a super delicate and simple necklace my parents got me for my 21st birthday. It’s a simple sterling silver bar and they got my birthday engraved on the back. When I have this on, it hardly ever comes off. I don’t know where they brought it but I do know there are engraved necklaces very similar to mine of Etsy!


Pandora, pandora, pandora and actually a little one from Charmed Aroma too! Throughout the years I’ve received many Pandora rings as a gift from friends and family, which I’ve worn so frequently in the past 5(ish) years that when I received this beautiful ring inside a Charmed Aroma bath bomb, I fell in love because it just goes so nicely with all of my other dainty jewelry (and it’s a little different for me.)


This Marc Jacobs watch was a gift from my parents for Christmas 2013. Little story behind this one actually… I went to a work Christmas picnic with my ex-boyfriend a few years ago now (WOW almost 5 years ago! WHAT) and one of his workmates was wearing this watch. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw a girl (who was also named Courtney) wearing it and I had to have it. Since the price tag was a little hefty for my 18 year old self, I asked for it for Christmas that same year! We had to do some digging for it though. None of the shops had it, so we eventually found it on an American watch website, which was so random. Anyway, it’s had it’s fair share of good use, the leather is a little worn and scratched up, but I still love it just as much as the day I saw it.


What are your most loved accessories?

Love, Courtney

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