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My 5 Winter Favourites

This season’s 5 favourites are super random, but I’m not going to lie about what I’ve been loving this cold season (and I mean cold! C’mon Canada, give me some sun already!!) Since I haven’t been wearing makeup (*spoiler*) I don’t have any beauty favourites! I’ll keep that in mind for my spring favourites though, and try to jam-pack it full of goodies for you 🙂 Let’s get started on what I’ve been loving throughout winter!

1. Being makeup free: I have taken it upon myself to not wear makeup every day, and it’s already been 4 weeks since I made that decision! During the colder months, my skin is already drier than usual, so my skin has thanked me a lot for giving it a break! I can’t say I’ve noticed a change in everything, but it’s nice knowing that my skin is breathing and my pores aren’t clogged lol

2. St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub: OMG you guys…. if you have not tried this cleanser I am about to highly rate it! I had been meaning to try this scrub for ages, but just the thought of an apricot scent was really throwing me off. But I finally caved and thank god I did! It’s honestly one of the best drug store cleansers I’ve tried in a long time. It uses crushed walnut shell instead of plastic exfoliating beads, and it leaves your face feeling so refreshed and revitalised. It’s without saying that I’ll be buying this again (and trying out their other skincare too!)

3. Reading: I have been using the “no electronics at least 30 minutes before shut eye” rule, and have been reading instead. I’m loving it! 2018 is a year I really want to try to expand my reading genres a little bit. So far this winter I have read The Hate U Give, Wonder, and I’m currently reading Call Me By Your Name (before I see the film of course).

4. TV Shows: Since being unemployed, it’s safe to say I’ve had a lot of time on my hands, so watching TV has been one of my main hobbies when it’s too cold, snowy and icy to go outside. I’ve been obsessed with Wanted (on Netflix) and The Resident (on CityTV). I am hooked on both of these shows and you gotta go watch them right now!!!

5. Fitness Blender: I’ve also been working out 4-6 times a week since being unemployed, and been loving it (she says as she really lacked motivation this past week). I came across about 1.5 months ago, and it’s been a true motivation for me to exercise more. It’s run by a couple, Kelli & Daniel, who exercise on camera and talk you through the process while working out. They have different difficulty levels, show calorie counts, and most workout videos are less than 40 minutes long! They also do workout programs and meal plans for a fee, but I’ve just been doing the free workouts they offer. You can pre-plan your week as well, by adding the workouts you want to do into your calendar. I would highly recommend this website if you’re just a beginner, need more exercises in your current routine, or need some motivation – but everyone would love this as they explain how you could make each routine easier or harder. They’re amazing!

Let me know in the comments what you’ve been loving this winter (or summer) season, and if there are any books you recommend reading!! I gotta hop to my workout now with Kelli 😉 CYA!

Love, Courtney

2 thoughts on “My 5 Winter Favourites”

    1. Yes now that I’ve tried them I agree!! Are there any other products of theirs that you’d recommend? and omg you have nooo idea how ready I am haha, we are going to be sitting at 7 degrees on Monday and I feel like it’s gonna be sooo warm compared to what we’ve had! lol xx


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