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Where I’ve Been | Life Update

I don’t even know how to start this post, so I’m just gonna start from the beginning. I also don’t think many people will find this very interesting, I’m more just typing as fast as my fingers will go so I can reflect on the month from hell, in 5 years time lol.

In the middle of December, I got a call from Cree at work saying he had broken down in the middle of the highway. Turns out no oil had been put in at our last oil change, so it had completely run the engine dry. Which meant we had to pay a ton of money for a new engine 😦 Then Christmas rolled around… obviously our gifts were skimped on this year because of the cars unexpected expense, but that was okay.

Couple weeks went by, and that brings us into the week of January 8, where life literally had us on our butts. It kicked us soooo hard that I’ll never forget that week.

January 8th we get a phone call at about 9pm – it was Cree’s brother-in-law saying that Cree’s Grandma had lost the battle with cancer after a year. So Cree obviously took the next day off, only to realise that one of our guinea pigs had not been eating and had got really skinny. He was dry-heaving and crying. (We had clipped his toenails a few days earlier and he was a really healthy weight). So after a night of both of us just sobbing about everything that had happened, Cree took him to the vet the next day, January 10th, and she suspected it was cancer. So Teto was put down 😦

Then that brings me onto January 11th… I came home from work at 2:30pm, had some lunch, worked out and showered, then decided to check my emails. To which I had read “Your work visa has been denied.” I literally fell to the floor and just cried and cried and cried. Hyperventilating basically.

If you don’t know, I was born in New Zealand but raised in Australia, then moved to Canada 4 years ago on a work visa.

That evening, we ventured 2.5 hours in the car back to Cree’s hometown for his Grandma’s funeral on January 12th. It was a beautiful ceremony and send-off for her and his family.

Then I obviously had to go to work the following Monday to tell them that I could no longer be employed there, and that I’m moving back to New Zealand. The plan is to live with my parents for a bit until me and Cree are back on our feet financially.

It was just a week from hell. It seemed like anything and everything was going wrong. So if you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading, and if you haven’t well no worries you’re not going to be reading this anyway lol.

I obviously now have to sort out the apartment, sell things, donate other things, and trash the rest. Which is a HUGE job, but I can do it! In my downtime I’ll try really hard to get my creative juices flowing and get some blog posts up. If you have ANY suggestions please let me know!

Love, Courtney

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