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My New Beauty Obsession

Rose gold? ✓. Beautiful white packaging? ✓. Soft? ✓. Makeup bag? ✓. I think I’ve just found my new favourite makeup brush set – BH Cosmetics Rose Romance 12-piece Brush Set.26236435_10208728771456603_1049792539_o_Fotor

I’ve been needing new makeup brushes for the longest time (I’m talking years..) and finally Cree had the idea to buy me a new set for Christmas, and I absolutely adore them! For starters, how fricken adorable is the packaging?! The contrast of the white and rose gold is gorgeous! + a free makeup bag?? Can’t be beat! Secondly, these makeup brushes are sooo soft! Which is amazing if you have sensitive skin like moi. And lastly, this set has everything you will ever need:


  1. Powder brush
  2. Flat top foundation brush
  3. Angled blush/contour brush
  4. Tapered highlight brush
  5. Small contour brush
  6. Angled shadow brush
  7. Flat concealer brush
  8. Small flat concealer brush
  9. Pencil brush
  10. Angled liner/eyebrow brush
  11. Precise liner brush

I will say that the powder brush is a lot smaller than what I was expecting, but I have been using the Real Techniques powder brush, which is huge. So I think I can definitely make this new one work, it’s just getting used to it. I also don’t think I’ll get much use out of the 4 smallest brushes (just because I don’t use much makeup on a daily basis) but they’re always good to have!!


Love, Courtney

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