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10 Habits I’m Trying to Make in 2018 & 10 Habits I’m Trying to Break

I always find the New Year is such a good time to do a social media detox, to back up my phone, and to clean out my wardrobe, but a lot of the time I don’t focus on what’s really important to make the coming year a better one than the year before. So I thought I’d share the things I want to change in my life, whether they be new things to start, or old habits I want to stop.

To make:

  1. Drink more water. I currently only drink maybe a glass a day, which is no way near enough!
  2. Read at least 30 minutes every day. I want to start getting off my phone, and start reading more.
  3. Write in a journal. I’m not much of a writer about my feelings for a personal enjoyment, so I love my One Question A Day.
  4. Work out 3-5 times a week. I don’t workout at all at the moment, and I really want to start looking after my body in 2018.
  5. Donate or volunteer. I want to donate more where I can. Obviously I am only going to be able to do this once I have my own finances stable.
  6. Make your bed and clean up in the mornings. I hate coming home at 5:30pm and seeing the bed all messy and dishes in the sink.
  7. Get outside regularly. I need to get more fresh air. But that’s really hard at the moment when is -20 degrees right now in Ontario.
  8. Follow a budget. 2017 was a great year to get my savings back up, but I did stop in December so I would have a bit of extra money for Christmas, and then my car needed maintenance, so I am ready to tackle my budget again head on. You see my weekly budget here.
  9. Always say yes to new experiences and adventures. Often I will turn down going out or trying something new, so I really want to make that a priority in 2018.
  10. Learn something new. I haven’t quite figured out this one yet, but I definitely want to take an online class, or get creative doing something.

To break:

  1. Using electronics 30 minutes before bed. This goes along with reading… I want to stop using my phone, and start reading more at bedtime.
  2. Snoozing the alarm. I am one of those people who snooze their alarm 5 times before they actually need to get up. I want to stop that and start getting my body into a healthy routine.
  3. Eating fast food. Eating out is inevitable, but opting for a healthier takeaway option is not! 
  4. Eating white sugar. I want to just cutting back to just one teaspoon a day, whether that be in cooking, baking or in my morning coffee/tea, once I’ve had it, that’s it.
  5. Losing focus. I hate to say this, but I’ve become very bad at listening to people or remembering things. I want to focus on being more attentive towards people and situations.
  6. Eating on the bed. I never use to eat on the bed until I moved in with Cree. And I hate doing it, but it’s just become a habit now that I want to break.
  7. Watching TV just to fill in time. Recently, I’ve been watching stupid Netflix shows that I don’t even enjoy but watch them because I’m bored. I want to stop doing this, and do something more worthwhile with my time.
  8. Emotional eating, or eating when I’m bored. I have always been a snacker. I love my food. But I need to stop eating just for the sake of eating! haha
  9. Spending money on poor quality clothes. I don’t want to be making purchases at places like Forever 21 anymore, but more places like ASOS and Zara, where I know the quality is a lot better for a little extra money.
  10. Not washing my makeup brushes. This might gross some people out, but I’ll go weeks/months without washing my brushes. Just because I forget it’s something I should be doing. But I got new brushes for Christmas, and their white, so I’m going to try my hardest to clean them more regularly!

Let me know what your new year resolutions are, & have a happy New Year!!!!

Love, Courtney

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