My Winter Night Skin Care Routine

My skin can change on the daily during the colder months. One day it could be oily, the next it can be dry and flaky. Sometimes I can have acne, and other days I could have redness. And then other days it could be perfect. So I’ve created a little skin care routine that combats every thing that I have to deal with during winter.


I should probably start with by saying that I shower in the evenings. So before I get into the shower, I take off my makeup. I start by saturating a makeup pad with the Garnier Micellar Water, and just wipe this in circular motions all over my face until majority of makeup is off. Little review: I prefer the original pink bottle, compared to the one I’m currently using which is the water-proof makeup version. I just find this one to be super oily (obviously to break down the makeup) but I originally brought it to see if it would take off my mascara better.. and it doesn’t 😦


Since the Micellar water doesn’t take off all of my mascara, I have started using these I-Lid’n Lash Cleansing Wipes with Tea Tree Oil, which do an awesome job of taking off the rest of my makeup around my eye area. Since this is a delicate area to cleanse, I decided having a product in my routine that is specifically made to cleanse eyelids was a must-have. I fortunately got these from my work as I work at an optometrist office.. so I’m not sure which retailer would sell them.. but anything similar would be perfect.


I then jump in the shower, and start off my cleansing my face with the Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub. I just use this as my daily cleanser to open up my pores and cleanse. I have used a few different drug store cleansers, but I always find myself buying this again and again.


Then I use more of a hard exfoliant either every night, or every second night, depending on how my skin feels. I absolutely love this one I’m currently using! It’s the Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant. It doesn’t smell the greatest, but does an amazing job of exfoliating, leaving your skin feeling so fresh, revitalised and smooth! Before using this, I never knew how much more soft my face could feel. I’m obsessed! It comes out as a powder, to which you just a drop of water to, to create a paste that you rub gently all over. Sometimes, if I’m have a really dry day, I’ll leave the paste on for a couple minutes, so it can really get into my pores.


After my shower, I will either reach for a face mask (depending on how my skin feels) or move straight onto using The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2%. I’m still on the fence about how I feel using this. Lactic acid has been proven to reduce breakouts, the appearance of wrinkles and reduce inflammation and sensitivity. I can say that I have noticed a small change in my breakouts, but I don’t usually get acne unless I’m due for my period, because I’m on the pill which helps with the breakouts too (sorry, little bit TMI lol). If you are looking to buy this, definitely do your research on it (I didn’t do as much as I would’ve liked) and use it in the evening, because lactic acid can increase sensitivity to sun exposure. But I will continue to use it, because I don’t wanna waste my money + I still have high hopes for it!


Now it’s time to moisturise! I’ve always had trouble finding the right moisturiser for my skin type. I have used soo many different drug store ones, but they always seem to make me super oily, make me breakout, or they don’t provide enough hydration. So I decided to do some research and came across the Eminence Green Tea T-Zone Mattifier Balancing Moisturiser. Although this claims to be just for the t-zone, I use it as an all over moisturiser. This does come in a duo-pack with a Pomelo Cheek Moisturiser, which I might try for the summer! The thing I like most about the two Eminence products I have, is that you don’t need much product. I usually dip my finger once onto the surface of the tub, and rub it between my fingers with a little bit of water then rub it into my face. If I feel like I need more moisturising, I wont dilute it, I’ll just use a tiny bit more and rub the product straight into my skin. This smells amazing too, which makes it the perfect  product to end my night time routine.


I have never been one to have an extensive skin care routine, because I feel like keeping your skin care to a minimum is important. But you do need the right products doing the right thing.

I am loving my current routine, and I probably wont be changing it until summer now. I am so happy I have finally found my perfect skin care routine for me, because I’ve been trying different products for years now!

Let me know if there are any holy-grail products in your night time cleansing routine. Besides the Lactic Acid oil I’m currently using, I swear by every single product that I’m using!

Love, Courtney

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