How I’m Tackling Anxiety (& It’s Actually Working)

The past few months I have really been working on my mental health. It got to the point where every night I would be crying in Cree’s arms, which would lead to tension and us arguing over every small detail because I was so on edge all the time. Once I realised how much it was affecting him and our relationship, I decided it was time I tried to do something about it.

I’m not saying Cree didn’t want to deal with it, because he is the best support ever, even when I push him away when I don’t mean to. I’m just saying it really put a damper on our relationship, no one wants to be hanging out with someone who cries all the time, right? So I want to share how I’m managing my mental health and thoughts.

Identify The Reason. This will help you on where to start. For me, it is being homesick – missing my friends and family. I decided this isn’t something I can change right away, but it is something to work towards (aka, start saving for a holiday back to NZ/Aus).

Redirect Your Energy. If I ever feel my mind wandering throughout the day (this is usually on the weekends when Cree is at work and I’m at home by myself), I find something to do. Whether it be meal prep for the week, or baking, or playing the Sims, or even having a shower, just something to shake me out of that current state of mind. Instead of scrolling endlessly on Facebook and Instagram and getting sad that I wasn’t at my friends birthday, I read a book before bed (this also eliminates over-thinking!!)

Get Outside. This one is hugeeee for me. I need a change of scenery, I need fresh air, and I need company. If Cree is at work and I’m stuck at home all day, I need to get out. Whether that be a walk around the block, or coffee trip when he gets home, it’s healthy to breathe fresh air and soak in the sunshine.

Go Out Of Your Comfort Zone. Whether this be going to a party you’ve been putting off, or joining a club, or doing something physically challenging, this will help snap your mind out of feeling down. It’ll make you realise that you can do whatever you put your mind too, and that you’re better than your bad thoughts.

Let Yourself Have Bad Days. This one is important. You have to let yourself have the bad days, as much as you don’t want them. Sometimes redirecting my energy doesn’t work, and then I just break down. But once I’ve cried, I try to bring myself back to a good frame of mind. If this happens, it’s usually at night time, so I’ll usually have a warm shower with some relaxing music, then get into my PJs and make a tea and something naughty to eat (food for the soul is what I like to call it). There have been a few times it’s happened at work, so I’ll take a couple minutes to talk to myself in the mirror with positive affirmations, take a deep breath and get my butt back to the office.

Accept Them. For a looong time I acted like I didn’t have a mental issue. Even after Cree told me I should talk to someone, I still couldn’t accept it. So please, stop ignoring them, identify them and talk to someone – whether that be your boyfriend, best friend, Mum, Dad, sibling, counsellor, it’ll help a lot! And you’ll hopefully feel sooo much better for tackling it head on.

Please share your tips in the comments too. Lets help each other! ❤

Love, Courtney

2 thoughts on “How I’m Tackling Anxiety (& It’s Actually Working)”

  1. I’m so pleased to read this, I came onto the site today to find something about how others deal with anxiety, pretty much the first three paragraphs are me and it really helps to hear you’re doing well and turning things around. Not only that but identifying the bad days are allowed. Speaking to someone is certainly something I need to turn to and I feel this is great way to share your thoughts and help others. Thanks for sharing Courtney, I really hope today, is a good day.
    PS. I also get homesick, a lot, so you’re not alone.

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    1. Thank you so much for this comment ❤ It's nice knowing someone actually benefitted from this 🙂 Yeah talking to someone is very difficult for me because I'm not one to ever ask for help, for anything. But it's definitely something I'm working on! Thank you again for your kind words, it put a smile on my face 🙂 xxx

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