6 Things My Parents Were So Right About

You’re always going to be looking at people for advice, praise & critiscm, and for me, there’s no one better for these things than my parents. I’ve never been a “Mummy” or “Daddy’s” girl, I’ve always looked up to both of them equally for different things. My parents, now that I’m in my 20’s, are my best friends. They have taught me so much in my life, and have really shaped me into the person I am today. My transition from being a child, to a teenager, to now an adult, I can only appreciate them so much more and what they’ve done for me in the past 22 years. So I wanted to share a few things they have both taught me.

  1. The friend who really didn’t have your best intentions at heart. Before moving to Canada, I had a year of total loss of myself and identity, and unfortunately this is because I let myself hang out with the wrong people after school. Looking back, my parents were trying to tell me this and warn me about these people without hurting me. Mum’s especially, have an intuition about these things, and always have an answer for everything. Which I am now very grateful for.
  2. He is wrong for you. Again, this kind of goes with the first point, but I had two boyfriends in Australia, and both times my parents warned me about them. Both breakups were bad for me, but Mum and Dad were there to comfort me when I needed them. Now I am so very fortunate I’ve met Cree, and he gets along with my parents sooo well. And I’m also very lucky to have learnt how my parents react to those boys who were wrong for me, so that when I did meet the right one, I knew.
  3. It’s important to check your bank account. I was encouraged to get a job as soon as I was of age. As soon as this happened, I was responsible for saving my money and buying the things I wanted. They would still buy me the necessities (i.e. underwear, food, phone bill, living under their roof, etc), but when it came to new clothes, concerts, a new car, gas, it was my responsibility to pay for the “goods”. Which really taught me to check my balances, and how to save for what I wanted.
  4. Go out and see new places whenever you can. Growing up, if we had a free day on the weekend, my parents would pack up a lunch, get us kids into the car, and go somewhere new for the day. I think I’ve really found an appreciation for travelling and seeing new places from my parents.
  5. Everything happens for a reason. I live by this quote, and I think it’s because my Mum says it all the time, and my Dad is just so laid back he lives by it automatically. Of course there are going to be days where we all feel miserable or stressed, but tomorrow is always a new day. I’ve really learnt how to be down to earth and let things happen the way they do from my Dad.
  6. Family is important. Ever since I can remember, it’s always been the four of us. We moved to Australia from New Zealand on my 5th birthday, so until my aunty followed us a few years later, it was just Mum and Dad, me and my baby brother. They didn’t have the help of my grandparents, so they really worked hard for us to have the best life we possibly could. All our vacations were together, they would bring us along to restaurants, and they would always be at every awards presentations and shows. Now that I’m old enough to have kids if I wanted to, I honestly don’t know how they did it.

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