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A Few New Purchases | ASOS & Chapters

Spiral Notebook: I picked this up from Chapters because a) I needed a new notebook for work meetings, and b) (and most importantly) it was too cute not to buy! It’s the perfect size, and I like how it has space for a date and a margin down the left side. I’ll definitely be writing in only pencil to keep it super clean! (yeah I’m a little bit freakish lol)


Ivory Bag: Okay, I do not need another bag… but bags are my weakness and I saw this knowing I didn’t need it. In fact, I even told myself I wasn’t buying it…. But as soon as I saw the price, it was in my basket before I even thought about it twice! 43% percent off? Under $20. Yes please!


Long-Sleeve Body: This top is super freakin’ flattering! It’s a pastel blue and pink striped body suit, which is a perfect pop of colour for autumn, and I’m obsessed over anything with ruffles at the mo!


The Ordinary Oils: I bought these for a few reasons – I have been eyeing these products for a while now, so I finally bought them, and I hope they live up to my excitement! The price of them can not be beat. They were about $12 each on ASOS, and if they’re as good as I’m hoping, they’ll be winning big time! I get super dry skin in the winter, so I’m really hoping my skin loves these. I bought the Lactic Acid treatment thinking it was a cleanser.. (wat?!) but later today realised its a treatment you use after your cleanser, and you leave it on for your skin to absorb…. the squalane solution is a hydrant, so I may use it in place of a moisturiser (I’m not sure yet)… so I’ll definitely do a review on these two products once I’ve tried them for a bit, and let you know what I think of them! P.S. I am obsessed with the packaging – it feels so expensive!



Let me know in the comments what you’ve been purchasing recently & if you’ve tried any of The Ordinary oils, let me know what you think of them.

Love always,
Courtney xxx

9 thoughts on “A Few New Purchases | ASOS & Chapters”

    1. The bag is gorgeous! I love it so much lol and yes I’ve only used the oils the past 2 nights, but will definitely be doing a review once I have some thoughts! xxx

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  1. What a lovely notebook! I’ve been eyeing the ordinary products but couldn’t decide between them all! 😀 Have you tried their foundations by any chance?


    1. I haven’t tried any of their products, I didn’t even know they did makeup tbh! I had to do my research to figure out which ones I wanted haha there are a lot!

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