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6 Cosy Things To Watch on Netflix This Autumn

Autumn is, and always has been, my favourite time of the year. In Australia, it was mainly because my birthday was in there, and the weather was starting to cool down to comfortable temperatures, but since moving to Canada it is for all new reasons! This time of the year is completely different to what I’m used to – I love the changing of the leaves, the cooler, crisp mornings, the nights drawing in, warm apple ciders, fluffy socks and warm winter jackets… basically just the cosiness of it all, plus not to mention all the holidays between September & January (HELLO Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, New Years!) 

This time of year, I don’t feel as guilty watching Netflix under a blanket on a Sunday afternoon, rather than getting outside making the most of the sunshine. So with that, I thought I’d share my top autumnal television picks 🙂

Gilmore Girls: First off, I associate this show with autumn because it was this time last year I started from Season 1, Episode 1, and watched all eight seasons into December (including the new one obvs!) But so much of the show is set in the autumn/winter, and seeing them frolic in the snow or cosying up on the couch with their coffee’s makes me want to do the exact same! It is such an easy-watching, little-thinking-needed show, which makes it easy to have on in the background if you need catch up on some things around the house. Just don’t blame me if you get sidetracked!

Riverdale: This is the perfect time of the year to catch up on shows you’ve been meaning to watch, and Riverdale should be on this list!! It is the perfect binge-worthy show, with it’s new season coming out in October, it’s the perfect time to catch up! From its eye-candy cast, to Veronica’s wardrobe, to the “who-did-it” mystery murder story line, it’s just a great show that requires little thinking.

The Holiday: This movie has the right amount of LOL’s, romance, and Christmas spirit, that it’ll make you want to whip out your tree in the middle of October, fall helplessly in love, and laugh til you cry.

Carrie Pilby: I just watched this last weekend, it’s a newer movie to Netflix and it’s sooo good! It’s about a really smart, intellectual girl who has to overcome her fear of meeting new people, falling in love and just putting herself out there. It’s soo cosy because it’s got the romance, it’s got the funny, and it’s got the autumn/winter theme. Half the time Carrie is in her comfies in her apartment, so why can’t we be?!

A Series Of Unfortunate Events: Another show I watched this time last year which is set in the cooler months. Neil Patrick Harris has done an amazinnggg job on this production, and the cast is also incredible. If you enjoyed the books and/or the movie, I totally recommend this one too!

The Mist: Okay so this really has nothing to do with Autumn, Winter, Christmas or anything, but I’ve been loving it recently. And to be honest, I’m half way through the second last episode and I don’t want to continue because I don’t want it to end! It’s adapted from the Stephen King Novel, so it is a thriller. I don’t find it too scary, however it is quite gruesome (FYI). I started watching it one night, not really knowing what it was about, but got hooked straight away!

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