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What’s In My Bag


If you’re anything like me you might be super curious as to what others carry with them on a daily basis. So I thought I’d give you a little peek into my bag, which is from Call It Spring, (their bags are gorgeous!)


1. Volcom Wallet | 2. Nine West Sunglasses | 3. iLook Glasses | 4. Keys | 5. One Direction’s “Our Moment” Roller Perfume | 6. Maybelline Lipstick “235 Warm Me Up” | 7. Ombra Skin SOS Hand Lotion | 8. OPI Nailpolish “Moonraker” | 9. Lucas’ Papaw Ointment | 10. Compact Mirror | 11. Revlon Nail File | 12. Sony Earplugs | 13. Samsung S5 Neo

+ bobby pins, hair ties, dental floss & a pen!
** I typically only bring the nail polish & lip colour I’m wearing at that time for any touch ups needed 🙂

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