Decluttering My Wardrobe

If you’re an avid Pinterest-er like myself, you’re probably always seeing posts about becoming a “minimalist” and having a “wardrobe capsule.” I don’t think I have many clothes compared to some women out there, but I definitely have enough. Some pieces I am just not in love with, and I really want to change that about my closet. However, after doing the keep, donate and trash method, I realised there are sooo many things in my wardrobe I don’t love, but for some reason I want to keep.

What is this method I’m talking about?? It’s where you make three piles:

  1. Keep – these are the clothes you love or always wear and wish to keep them in your wardrobe.
  2. Donate – these are pieces you want to get rid of but they’re too good to throw away.
  3. Trash – these are the items that are damaged, stained, too well worn, that aren’t good enough to be donated to your local charity shop.


So once I made these piles, I bagged up the donate pile, threw away the trash pile, and hung up all the pieces I want to keep. BUT…. there were items I was attached to, but I don’t know why because I never wear them. So what I decided to do was hang them up but in a different direction. That way, if they aren’t worn by next season, I will donate them because I never wear them.


While hanging everything up I also hung them in groups – so I have my work clothes grouped together, jackets, dresses, every-day tee’s, going out tops, etc. (Basically just organised all my clothes).

I put things in my suitcase I want to keep, but wont be wearing on a daily basis – for example, I packed up my winter jackets because we’re just coming into fall in Canada so wont be needing those for another 3 months, and my bikinis and summer wear. I’ll obviously pull out my winter coats when the weather drops another 20 degrees.

I did this with my shoes and bags as well yesterday. A few weeks ago I tackled my nail polish and old makeup too.

It’s time consuming yes, but you’d be surprised at what you have. I actually have a polka-dot blouse that I’ve never worn, but made a super cute outfit with my denim jacket and black jeans.

I can’t wait to tackle the rest of the house – we have a lot of knick-knacks I want to go through and donate. But I’m gonna save that for a cold, rainy day!

I hope this gives you some inspiration to declutter your wardrobe! Let me know if you have any other tips to help me decide whether or not I should keep things I’m attached to.

Love, Courtney

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