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5 Easy Ways To Make Somewhere New Feel Like Home

I’ve had PLENTY of practice packing my bags, moving houses, and even moving countries for that matter. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had artwork on my walls (or posters if you’re talking to teen Courtney), little trinkets on my dresser, a dreamcatcher above my bed, and bright duvet covers & cushions on my bed. So from this, I’ve curated a little list of things that have helped me make a new place feel comfortable. And obviously some of these things you wont be able to pack into a suitcase if you’re moving abroad, so leave a bit of extra $$$ to buy things on the other side!

  • No matter where I’ve moved, I’ve always brought along personal trinkets & sentimental items, like my dream catcher. I’ve had mine for so long, that it now reminds me of my parents home since moving out.
  • Duvet cover & bed sheets. There’s something about having something familiar on my bed. I love it.
  • Artwork. White walls aren’t fun. Enough said?
  • Plants are another great way of bringing some colour and life to a new space!
  • Photos will always come with me, no matter where I move to.
  • Buy some candles. They are a must in trying to make a new house feel cozy and comfortable

I want you guys to know I’m here for a chat if you need advice on moving out or abroad. I’ve got quite a bit of experience with it all now!

Lots of love,
Courtney x

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