5 Fun Ideas for Your Next Date

It’s finally the weekend, you’ve been waiting for Friday 5pm since Monday 6am, but you’re not quite sure what to do with yourself now?! Whether you’re meeting a friend or getting out of the house with your significant other, it’s always good to see new places. So I put together a little list of things I like to do with Cree that are a little out of the ordinary πŸ™‚

  1. Bookstore – There’ something about grabbing a coffee and wandering through a bookstore. Be sure to check out their events page first, because sometimes they will have artists or musicians playing too!
  2. Botanical Gardens – Every major city has some sort of garden you can walk through (usually it’s free too!). If it’s outside pack up a picnic and bring it with you!
  3. Putt-putt – I’m pretty sure I’ve listed this in another post, but you can’t go wrong with mini-golf! A little sunshine and competition never hurt nobody.
  4. Cafe Crawl – Sometimes it’s fun to visit new places in your local town. Visit a new place for coffee, then walk somewhere for lunch, and visit somewhere else for desert. There’s always gonna be something you haven’t tried! And it’s the perfect opportunity to check out that place you drive past every day!
  5. Fruit Picking – This of course depends on the time of year, but apple and pumpkin picking is coming up soon, and I’m sooo excited!! Waking up, cozying up in comfy clothes, and heading out to your local fruit farm in the crisp morning air feels so healthy, and it’s a lot of fun!

As always, add to this list and let me know what you like to do that’s out of the “norm”!

Love always,
Courtney xxx

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