30 Thing To Do By Yourself

We all have days where we’re home by ourselves, and we’re stuck twiddling our thumbs wondering what to do with the day. I’ve created a list of 30 things I find myself doing (or would like to do) when I’m home alone. Feel free to comment new ones too!! I’d appreciate new suggestions 🙂 xxx

  1. Blog
  2. Catch up on TV shows / Youtube videos
  3. Start a new TV show
  4. Make popcorn & watch a movie
  5. Water your plants
  6. Reorganise your wardrobe – keep, donate & throw away strategy
  7. Cook a new recipe
  8. Go to your local farmers market
  9. Read
  10. Go for a walk outside
  11. Make a new playlist
  12. Declutter your house
  13. Clean your house
  14. Buy some flowers for yourself
  15. Make a terrarium
  16. Go somewhere in the city
  17. Read your horoscope
  18. Create a vision board
  19. Sign up for an online course
  20. Make a smoothie bowl, topped with your favourite fruit & superfoods
  21. Have a relaxing bath, light some candles
  22. Paint your nails
  23. Put on a face mask
  24. Make a new Pinterest board
  25. DIY something
  26. Make lists
  27. Turn on your favourite music and just dance
  28. Learn the lyrics to a new song
  29. Start a food & exercise journal
  30. Watch the sunrise/sunset with a coffee or hot chocolate

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