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Drugstore Summer Essentials!

When I think of summer + beauty, I think of glow, colour & radiance. So I wanted to share with you my favourite go-to products for the summer 🙂


Jergens Natural Glow – I am naturally very pale, so I don’t really like fake tans because they are sooo noticeable on me. So for my Australia trip last Christmas, I decided to buy and try this gradual colour, and it’s amazinngggg. I love it to pieces. I just apply a bit to my legs and arms the night before, and the next morning I have a super healthy glow to my body.

Bath & Body Works Love & Sunshine Body Lotion – This smells incredible! Such a summery, fruity, floral scent, and it stays around for hours. LOVE!


Voesh Pedi-in-a-Box – I got this last Christmas in stocking as a filler, and I’m not going to lie to you… I didn’t really know how it should be used lol. Since it only came in this little box,  there aren’t really great instructions on what it does. HOWEVER, now that I’ve used two of the moisturisers, I’ve now realised there is a sea salt soak, mud mask, and scrub & lotion… Now I’m upset I’ve used half of it, when it should have been all used together! D’OH! But that aside, this stuff smells incredible, leaves your legs feeling so smooth, and leaves a gorgeous glow. I’m going to have to see if you can buy this in a bigger pack! And I’ll definitely be watching how-to video’s first! haha



Maybelline BB Cream – I love BB cream in the summer, BUT this doesn’t have SPF, which I wish I caught when buying it. I love wearing BB creams during the day in the summer, rather than wearing heavy foundation. I do like the colour and coverage of this one though.

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation – Best to use during the nights for me during the summer. It’s a mousse foundation, which makes it still feel lighter on the skin, but leaves you with incredible coverage.



Rimmel Sunshinner Maxi Bronzer – You guys know how much I love this. It’s in almost every makeup post of mine. It’s a gorgeous colour for my skin tone. I love it.

Palladio Mosaic Powder – I like to use this in place of a bronzer and blush… I just pop a bit of this on my cheek bones swept back, and the pinks and browns leave a beautiful finish on my skin.



(Both of these are Sally Hansen without even realising it! I guess I really stick to products I love!)

Miracle Gel in 234 Plush Blush – My favourite and go-to every day nail colour. It’s a natural pink with a little shimmer. It’s perrrffff!

Xtreme Wear in 405 Coral Reef – It wouldn’t be a beauty post from me without mentioning a coral colour (c’mon now!) This nail polish changes into different shades too depending on the lighting it’s under, which personally makes it a little more fun for me, PLUS it lasts for a good 3-4 days before I have to touch up or reapply!


(Surprise, surprise, everything is NYX!)

Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink – This is my all-time favourite. It’s a beautiful colour, and doesn’t budge once dried on your lips.

Butter Gloss in Cherry Cheesecake – Again, another product recently featured in my beauty posts, but I love the orange. It’s so much fun!

Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istabul – The best all-day pink. It’s so fresh and flirty. It’s perfect!




Not really a “beauty product” but I CAN NOT live without sunglasses. I am a mess if I go into the sun without some sort of protection, so of course I have to mention sunglasses, to save anyone else from tearing at a picnic or amusement park! These ones are from Call It Spring, they are so cute!



Let me know what you’re favourite summer essentials are!

Lots of love,
Courtney x

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