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40 Actions To Turn Into Life Changing Habits

Hands up if you think about doing something, but never actually put it into action… Like me for example, I’m really good at working out for a few days, then suddenly I forget and it’ll be another 2 months before I’m back at it again. I’ve curated a list of 40 things that should be easy enough to change into daily habits (if they’re not already)

  1. Buy a one-litre water bottle, and drink 1L in the morning, and 1L in the afternoon
  2. Walk wherever you can
  3. Serve slightly smaller meals at dinner time
  4. Cook your meals at home, and while you’re at it, make a meal plan of your favourite meals for the week!
  5. Brush and floss every day, morning and night
  6. Never go to bed without taking off your makeup
  7. Say please and thank you, & just use manners in general
  8. Always keep in touch with family and friends
  9. Only dress in clothes you feel most confident in
  10. Kill them with kindness
  11. Turn off from work when you get home
  12. Say “yes” to experiences that scare you or excite you
  13. Get up earlier so you’re not rushed in the morning
  14. Spend a little time once a week on self-care and pampering
  15. Accept responsibility for your mistakes right away
  16. Read something
  17. Spend more time outside in nature
  18. Explore your city
  19. Keep a list of things you want to do in your free time
  20. Bake
  21. Use a planner and write everything down
  22. Make your bed as soon as you get out of it
  23. Always hang up your wet towel
  24. Clean out your car every time you get out of it
  25. Donate your old clothing, throw out anything damaged
  26. Support local businesses
  27. Use reusable grocery bags
  28. Pay off your credit card balance each month
  29. Start a savings account
  30. Pay your bills on time
  31. Make a budget if you need help (check out my tips here)
  32. Check your bank balances weekly
  33. Don’t use your credit card when you go shopping for unnecessary purchases (like clothes or homeware shopping)
  34. But do treat yourself once in a while
  35. Have a morning & evening routine
  36. Always set aside time for date night
  37. Limit tech use, especially before bed
  38. Drink alcohol only at social events
  39. Clean your sheets every week
  40. Only buy comfortable shoes

Let me know what else you would add to this list! You know I’m always up for idea’s and suggestions 🙂

Lots of love,
Courtney x

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