100 Facts About Me

This is my 100th post, which is a big deal for me, because I’ve actually tried and stuck to this blogging thing!! So I thought I’d celebrate and let you guys know a little bit more about me with 100 facts! Wish me luck…

  1. I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand
  2. My parents moved me to Brisbane, Australia, on my 5th birthday in 2000
  3. I was allowed in the cop-pit of the plane because a) it was my birthday, and b) it was before the 9/11 attacks. I also got a goodie bag with a toothbrush and colouring book and pencils lol
  4. We lived in a caravan at a camp ground for what I believe was 6 months (??) before my parents could afford a rental
  5. I have a younger brother who was born in 2001 – he’s now 16 (WHAT)19141609_10207501979027559_685097422_n
  6. I have never broken a bone. The only serious injury I’ve had is that I sprained my wrist while roller-blading (yes I fell and landed on my right hand). I still have issues with it
  7. I used to dance for years – started with tap, then irish, jazz, hip hop, contemporary – wish I never gave it up
  8. My first concert was The Wiggles – first one I remember was Hilary Duff
  9. Christmas is my favourite holiday – nothing like houses covered in a fairy lights, and children’s faces lighting up when they know Santa is coming
  10. My biggest board on Pinterest is my Dream Wedding – I’m not even engaged yet lol
  11. I graduated high school in 2012
  12. I Β only went to University for one semester before moving to Canada
  13. I currently reside in Niagara Falls, Canada – moved in 2013
  14. Besides travelling and having a family, I have no idea what I want to do with my life
  15. I have never failed a driving test
  16. I have 20/10 vision
  17. I don’t hate flying.. in fact, it’s one of my favourite things to do!19125301_10207501979267565_69242817_o
  18. I have a love-hate relationship with social media – I love it because I can keep in touch with friends and family, but I hate it because I see them all doing things without me 😦
  19. Homesickness is a huge part of my life right now
  20. I have moved houses ~about~ 22 times in my life so far
  21. I just realised thats one house for every year of my life…
  22. I have been in three car accidents, and have a couple scars from one
  23. I’ve only ever been really ill three times in my life
  24. I have never been a fussy eater
  25. I’m only allergic to pet fur, but that won’t stop me from getting a puppy one day
  26. I currently have four guinea pigs19141615_10207501979187563_1671062090_n
  27. I have eczema which gets bad in the spring time
  28. I am a very shy person when I first meet new people. But crazy when I feel comfortable
  29. I can’t work in silence – I always have to have music playing in the background
  30. I hate being late, to anything, it drives me bonkers
  31. I love painting my nails, but as soon as I have a chip in it it has to come off!
  32. I am more of a savoury than a sweet tooth person
  33. My favourite colour is yellow, but I’m still undecided if I look good in yellow
  34. I LOVE online shopping, I HATE going into stores
  35. My favourite online store is Lulu’s
  36. Since moving to Canada, I absolutely love halloween!
  37. It’s always been a dream of mine to do a road trip across the US, and visit Greece. But I still want to travel the world and see everything
  38. I have now learnt that spring/summer is my favourite time of the year
  39. I am not happy with my body, but I hate working out lol
  40. I am 5″3 (or 160cm)
  41. My favourite chore is vacuuming
  42. My least favourite chore is cleaning the bathroom and kitchen (that includes dishes)
  43. I have been bungee jumping in NZ, and skiing in Canada – and I’m so proud of myself for tackling both!12741863_10204440846141150_7855931904464473159_n
  44. Until recently, I never use to wear my hair in a bun
  45. I used to love grocery shopping with Mum, but since moving out of home, I don’t really like it anymore
  46. I wish I had my own washer & dryer in my apartment
  47. I get really upset when I’m unmotivated
  48. Candles are my weakness
  49. Bath and Body Works is my weakness
  50. I love going to the movies, but can’t help falling asleep if the movie is boring or too long
  51. I love buying new hair shampoo & conditioner
  52. I am only halfway through with this list and realising how boring I am lol
  53. There are no babies in our family yet – but there is one coming in July and I probably wont get to meet her until next year 😦
  54. Feet and tongues weird me out
  55. My finger nails only get to a certain length before breaking
  56. My hair only grows so long before stopping
  57. I check my emails everyday and clear it out everyday
  58. Border security really scares me because they’re so intimidating
  59. I am a saver, not a spender. But I also love treating myself to nice things
  60. I have planned a budget since moving out of home
  61. I might do a blog post on budgeting actually
  62. I love cheese, but I don’t like the texture of too much melted cheese
  63. If you haven’t had it before, try beetroot and pineapple with lettuce, cheese and grilled onions on your next home-made burger!! So good!
  64. My dream car is a mini coop
  65. For my 21st birthday last year, one of my best friends surprised me by visiting all the way from Australia13344769_10205096400369596_8273191673216640395_n
  66. I am followed by Justin Bieber and Luke Hemmings (from 5SOS) on Twitter
  67. I have always had a pretty basic phone plan
  68. I am currently obsessed with Hayley Paige on YouTube and her cute little family
  69. I go through phases of being addicted to playing The Sims
  70. I have not done an Instagram story yet – that’s what Snapchat is for!
  71. I feel as though I have upset some people (and myself) with some actions I took when I was going through a rough time in my life, and I hate that
  72. I love mexican food
  73. And sushi
  74. Until recently, I never drank coffee
  75. I feel weird wearing all black, my closet is full of colour
  76. My favourite pair of shoes are my white converse
  77. I have already lost two people in my life this year and it’s only June:'(
  78. I can not wait until I have my own house and to slowly start filling it with only things that make me happy
  79. And I can’t wait to have a wardrobe I love
  80. I am in a long-standing relationship of three years with Cree19022777_10207501979227564_707706031_o
  81. I don’t think there’s anything better than being on a dance floor with your friends dancing to your favourite songs
  82. I am obsessed with mojitos
  83. I am an optometric assistant & receptionist
  84. I can not go to bed without brushing my teeth
  85. I do online surveys when I remember to make a couple extra $$
  86. I have started a YouTube channel but am sooo awkward in front of the camera
  87. My parents would only ever allow me to have pet fish until I moved out of home
  88. I am never the same size in anything and it’s so frustrating!
  89. I wear very minimal jewelry – usually it’s a ring, my watch and maybe a necklace or earrings if anything at all. On a typical day, it’s just a hair tie around my wrist, and my tragus earring
  90. I adore Harry Styles lol
  91. There are a handful of people I genuinely think about on a daily basis who I miss from home19197406_10207501979147562_1493035166_o
  92. I haven’t seen all of the Harry Potter movies
  93. I hated my Grade 12 formal. I wish I could go back to Grade 12 and re-write that year and the following year…
  94. I cry at happy and sad things. I am always crying
  95. I once tried the keto diet, and by day three I felt sooo ill I had to stop
  96. I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was 17
  97. I one day want to be my own boss
  98. I fill out an “One Question A Day” journal every evening19179447_10207501979107561_2015278881_o
  99. I can’t wait to read my answers in 5 years!
  100. I hope in 5 years I’m married (or engaged), in a stable job & back in Aus…

Share some interesting facts about yourself!

Love, Courtney

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