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How To Get Back On Track (Without Having A Meltdown)

We ALL have bad days… bad weeks… bad months… and even though we feel bad about it, it happens to the best of us. They are apart of life, and trying to just push them aside instead of facing them head on, is not something I’ve have found works. So I thought I’d share a few things that help me get through a bad day or week, and that help me fight those fears and weaknesses.

Let things be what they are: A colleague of mine is always saying “it is was it is” and I love that saying. It’s a simple way of saying “you can’t change things, so let them proceed and then move on.” Whether it’s you’re running a couple minutes late, or you stained your favourite shirt, or you don’t have enough coins to do the laundry this week… it is what it is!! Don’t let the little things get to you. And I should really take my own advice on this one.

Make plans: This can be a to-do list (because let’s be real, there’s nothing better than crossing off those pesky chores), or making plans with friends or family. Get out of the house, and have something to look forward to at the end of the week!

Be more healthy: Eat more greens, go for that run you’ve been thinking about for weeks, throw out those cookies you bought when you were feeling down, drink more water, and try out new recipes! Get creative in the kitchen – eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring and tasteless! For me, being more healthy makes me feel better about myself, which obviously boosts my mood and limits bad thoughts.

RELAX: This is an obvious one, but if you have a spare 30 minutes at night after a long day at work (which you should!), take a bath, watch your favourite show, read a book, or paint your nails, do something therapeutic to you, and just relax!

Let me know what you do if you’re having a bad week.

Love, Courtney

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