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5 Of The Best Shows To Watch Right Now

If you’re anything like me you probably love watching TV shows a little too much and spend way too much time trying to find a new series when you finish one. I am not one to rewatch shows once I’ve finished them either… to me that’s boring, because I know how it ends. Lately I’ve been challenging myself to find new genres, and trying not to binge watch (but that hasn’t been very successful!) so I hope this post helps you in finding a new show to enjoy if you’re having difficulty finding something you might like.

13 Reasons Why
This is Netflix’s latest original series, and is making some serious waves in the entertainment industry. It is not for the light hearted as it ventures into teen suicide and covers ALL topics of what someone may go through in their years of high school (or even life). It is 13 episodes long, and each episode you learn a new reason why Hannah Baker committed suicide through tapes. The whole series was put together so well, and really does captivate you from the first minute. However, I would not recommend this if you are sensitive to the topics of suicide and rape.

This is an Australian drama that follows female inmates in prison. This is no Orange is the New Black (which btw, has just come out with Season 5!!) – it is so much more dark, brutal and at times tragic, however soooo gripping! You learn to love and hate certain inmates, and I think that’s important in starting a new series, adopting your favourites is always fun. In the first season you follow each main character and why they’re in prison. Throughout the series, we see the grim aspects of prison life, but also all the relationships made between characters. We are currently halfway through season 5, so it’s perfect timing to start for season 6.

Pretty Little Liars
I feel like everyone is watching this as we are now coming to the final episodes.. forever 😦 It’s a great ~kind of girly~ drama series, as it follows a group of 4 best friends in high school, trying to figure out who killed their best friend, who goes by the title “A.” As the season’s go on, the group of friends graduate and are now out in the work place, still trying to figure out who this “A” person is. I’m not going to lie, seven seasons is a loooong time to finally know who “A” is, but as I’m watching the last season, I feel like there has been quite a bit more character building as the girls get older. And also, if you’re like me and can watch one series all weekend, this would be a great one for you to start. It would keep you going for months!

American Gods
I’m going to be honest… I wasn’t sure I was going to like this show when Cree asked me to watch it with him, however I do quite enjoy the weirdness of it all. It follows an ex-convict who is trying to figure out the world after his wife’s death, after prison, and after meeting “Gods”. This is not a light-hearted series, it is very guesome and has a kind-of dreamlike imagery to it. I don’t find it to be series that makes you go “whoa whaaat?!” but still keeps you very intrigued as to what will happen next. We are only 4 episodes in, so you can start and be up-to-date in one day! lol

The Handmaid’s Tale
I actually love this series! Again, not a light-hearted one, but omg is it good! It is placed in a dystopian future with a low fertility rate, where women are basically owned by the Government and sent out to commanders for sexual slavery so conceive. It follows a main character, Offred, who is new to this world after running from the Government for what seems a few months. She loses her husband and daughter, and obviously hates what she has to do. You feel sympathy for these women from the word go, and as you start to learn Offred’s story. It’s based on a novel by Margaret Atwood, and actually I wish I had read the book first!!

Let me know what series you’re currently loving, or what your watching that is more out of your comfort zone.

Love, Courtney

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