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Summer Bucket List

As I sit here writing this post with a snow storm outside, I am dreaming of a beautiful summer this year. And it seems that summers here in Canada can come by slowly, but go by soooo quickly! So it’s of utmost importance ~to me anyway~ that summer be done right while it lasts. I’ve made a little list of 30 things that I want to do as soon as the weather warms up, and I wanted to share it with you all 🙂

  1. Enjoy picnics on the beach at the park
  2. Stargaze
  3. See live music
  4. Go camping & roast marshmallows in a bonfire
  5. Swim at sunrise…or sunset…or both!
  6. Read more books
  7. Wear bright lipstick & wear your favourite dresses
  8. Have appetizers for dinner with champagne
  9. Fruit picking
  10. Wake up early and go to local farmers market
  11. Host game nights
  12. Make popsicles
  13. Find new hiking spots and swimming holes
  14. DIY somethings – get creative!
  15. Master a summer cocktail
  16. Drink a lot of summer cocktails
  17. Go to a Drive-In Movie Theatre
  18. Make home-made pizza’s
  19. Watch fireworks
  20. Say “yes” to everything for a day
  21. Go an entire day without using social media
  22. Dance in the rain
  23. Start working out
  24. Get a tan
  25. Build on a wardrobe I love
  26. Go to a sports event
  27. Buy some flowers
  28. Spend a weekend in Toronto
  29. Go out for brunch
  30. Watch movies all day when it’s raining

What are your plans/goals for this summer?





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